The Conjuring 3 release date has been confirmed:

Conjuring 3 release date is all set. This movie missed its September 11 release date, Now all ready to release in summer 2021. 

The first look of The conjuring: The devil made me do it has been released by Warner bros. vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are returning as Famous paranormal experts Loraine and Ed Warren


From the shared video, it seems like conjuring 3 will not have its typical Haunted house setup “I really wanted The conjuring 3 to get away from the whole haunted house set up of first two films of the same franchise,” wan said in the video. It should be more on a whole different level  something we never saw before, he added.
However, it is really interesting to see how this movie will be like without its haunted house set up.

Watch the full video here: The conjuring|Faith &Fear: The conjuring universe behind the scenes|Warner bros Entertainment 

Brief about what’s in the video:

The Conjuring 3 release date got confirmed in the given video only, exact date is more likely to be June 4, 2021.
This more than 30-minute mini-documentary cast and crew of the movie talked about how The conjuring will distinguish itself from other two conjuring movies.
Director Chavez said that “we wanted to keep our new story grounded by telling the brand new story”.

Synopsis :  

The conjuring 3 shown the real-life case of Arne Cheyenne Jackson. A man who used demonic possession as his defense against his manslaughter convict. As He is the first person in history to use demonic possession in his defense to get free from charges of manslaughter. It is really interesting to watch how this story will unfold and what roles will warren’s play in Jackson’s story.

Conjuring movies are critically acclaimed and world-renowned movies,
Hence the expectations are  really high for conjuring 3

As The conjuring 3 release date confirmed we can expect the official trailer sooner and we can’t wait for it

Conjuring 3 casts:

  • Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren
  • Megan Ashley brown as youth Lorraine Warren
  • Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren
  • Ruari o’connor as Arne Cheyenne Johnson
  • Sarah Catherine hook as Debbie Glatzel
  • Julian Hilliard as David Glatzel
  • Charlene Amosa as Judy Glatzel
  • Paul Wilson as Carl Glatzel
  • Real Jerins as Judy Warren

What are thoughts about The conjuring 3 release are you waiting for trailer to know more about this movie