The decreasing economy of the world has effected the over all growth of the nations .While the nations are pondering on thoughts about the public welfare and health.

The question of saving the economy also rises? While the expenses are rising at an alarming rate all over the nations for the cause of pandemic. The government has been providing funds for the public to help in their custom life. Although the recent pandemic has hugely impacted the economy of the world, the position before that was not as stable !

Economy – a major concern :

The reducing economic trends has been a great concern for the IMF (international monetary fund) who provides loans to countries. While not only the American or the European countries are severely affected but also the Asian and Arab countries . The reduction of the limited resources plays a  vital role in governing the economy of the country.

All along ,the economy is  “The base is starting from the scratch and developing into a formal solution where components do not submerge”. The other important aspect of the this is the society’s contribution . The contribution of society can help in the overall development of the nation and also reduce the problem of unemployment.

Barcley’s cut GDP forecast for Indian economy to zero for 2020

The notion of working society is not only ideal but achievable as the problem of economy persists. There are several problem that are on the verge of rising due to this. It not only reduce the power and influence of the nation but also the development of the country .

Although the developing nations are suffering from the wrath of the economic crisis, the developed nations are not far behind , which has caused a sense of insecurity among the nations.the fall of economy has also become the cause of world politics and an underrated topic due to several issues.

If the economic crisis persist the disposition of the country and the super power nations might change their course and new developing and developed nations might emerge!

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