The Reluctant Traveler:Actor Levy is finally coming back

About The Reluctant Traveler

Actor Eugene Levy is finally coming back on TV!

He is making a return through one of his favorite trips in the new Apple TV+ docuseries The Reluctant Traveler.

The Reluctant Traveler is premiering on Friday, Feb. 24. Actor Levy has stepped outside his comfort zone through his travel of eight unique destinations.

Levy experiences underwater sound baths in the Maldives to a snowy treehouse escape in Finland. His  viewers can get his expy  through Levy’s new show The Reluctant Traveler.

His experience with animals and nature beauty 

He refreshes his trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa.The experience of the safari ride was his most impactful experience. Though he didn’t want to go there initially.

He recalls that it never really tickled me because he knows what all the animals look like. He was not excited  to see the animals up close. 

However, he found out that the animals are in danger every  day from poachers and hunters. He realizes from his experience ‘The Reluctant Traveler’.

Levy says,” I was always aware of the poaching crisis in South Africa, he saw the animals for himself there”.

The actor got to go to a rhino conservation park where they take in orphaned and injured rhinos from poaching.

He recalls how he  fed the animals and found out how close  these animals are from extinction. And inhuman people are making money from their horns. 

Unique Culture and Food experience 

Moreover,he adds that his unique lodging and food experience was also his topmost  reason for his trip to be his favourite.

He was in a hotel that made him feel that he was in  a train stationed permanently on top of a bridge over a river.

 Whenever he looked out from the hotel, he could see down over the river in the marsh and all the  animals, giving him the best memories from The Reluctant Traveler.


The trip with his family 

His daughter and Schitt’s Creek co-star Sarah Levy, along with his wife Deborah Divine accompanied the actor on some of his travels. It made him feel very enjoyable on the journey.

He says that his wife joined him in a couple of locations, along with his daughter Sarah.And it was a great feeling to have them on his journey.

He shares how Sarah was  with him in the Maldives. It feels great to have your loved ones near you while you are working outside.  He used to look over and see her daughter lying and  reading a book.

Levy visits eight countries in the new docuseries. But the trailer of the show features that traveling was never one of his favorite activities. He mostly loves being indoors.

Levy doesn’t have a great sense of adventure. That’s why traveling is not the most comfortable thing. 

“If I know where I’m going, it’s great. If I don’t really know where I’m going, I get a little frazzled,” he continues in his interview.

In one episode, Levy faces his fear of “creepy crawlies” and heads into the depths of the rainforest in Costa Rica.

 Levy  explains  that he never wanted to experience something like that. But the show made him experience it.

He believes that he is  an adventurous person, but he wants to do the best he can. He continues further that The Reluctant Traveler is good for him. It has helped him grow in certain areas.

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