The Stand first trailer looks like the future

The Stand first trailer is released. The Stand is a miniseries. It is inspired by Stephen King’s novel with the same name.

The book tells a story in 1978 that the Earth is about to end because of a virus. The miniseries have the same plot. In the story, humanity depends on a few of the survivors on Planet Earth.

The trailer released this Friday. This show considered a dark fantasy American miniseries. The release date of the Stand is 17th December 2020.

“The world is now a blank page. Make your stand,” says Goldberg in The Stand first trailer. It shows that many characters and coming together in “Boulder Free Zone”. This zone is for the survivors in Colorado. Moreover, there are actors like Skarsgård, Goldberg,  James Marsden,  Odessa Young, and Jovan Adepo. This show will come on CBS All Access. The director is Josh Boone. Just like the book, even the miniseries comes under the apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic genre. 

The movie Contagion got a lot of attention because of the current pandemic. COVID-19 has made the lives of humanity very different. Everyone is working online, people are avoiding to meet each other. The human race is going through a tough time. Similarly, this miniseries is getting the same attention.

Before The Stand first trailer: 

the Stand

In 1994, there was a similar miniseries. This show, also inspired by the novel. Also called The Stand. The nativity of the people in that generation brings it under the horror genre. This is because having a virus like this in the 1990s was unimaginable.

It is divided into two parts. First, it is the Plague, where people are dying because of the “supervirus”. Second, it is the Dream, where people are fighting to survive and dream of a normal world.

Lastly, That show got many awards and a lot of recognition. Hopefully the same happens in the 2020 miniseries.

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