The wanted singer Tom Parker diagnosed with brain tumor

Tom Parker Brain Tumor: Doctors diagnosed that the singer Tom Parker is having a brain tumor. He is a Boyband Wanted singer. Parker said he is in shock because the tumor is in stage 4 and inoperable. Tom is undergoing treatments like chemo and radiotherapy to prolong his life.

The boyband singer Tom Parker diagnosed with brain tumor
The boyband singer Tom Parker diagnosed with a brain tumor. Seen here with his family.

Tom Parker and his Family: The singer Tom is only 32 years old and his family is in despair because the life expectancy of this dreadful disease is very short. However, his wife told the news reporters that they will fight the disease tooth and nail and spread awareness about it. It is unfortunate that Tom Parker’s wife Kelsy is pregnant with their second child. They already have a daughter Aurelia Rose.

Tom is silent on social media: The singer says he and his wife were silent on social media for a long time because of this disease. They promise their fans that they will spread awareness about it. Fans have taken the news with dismay. Tom Parker has posted his recent pictures with his wife on Instagram.

More about Tom Parker Brain Tumor: He is suffering from a stage 4 brain tumor that is highly malignant. It arises from supportive cells in the nervous system. Also, it can develop in any area of the brain and spinal cord.

COVID 19: The situation for the family is further complicated because of Covid 19. Due to the pandemic regulations, wife Kelsy can’t accompany him for his treatment.she is planning for a home-birth, so that Tom can be there with her.

Meanwhile speaking about the COVID 19 condition in India: India is in a better condition than many developing countries because of LockDown and PM Modi’s Junta curfew. The development of new vaccines is also in the pipeline.

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