The Weekend’s fans savagely think he modelled ‘plastic surgery’ face ex Bella Hadid

There is a piece of recent news that The Weekend’s fans savagely think he modelled ‘plastic surgery’ face ex Bella Hadid a new music video has been unveiled a bizarre appearance after this weekend fans have been in the guess that freakly is in the plastic surgery and also been inspired and based by the girlfriend of Bella Hadid. Well, this week is shocking for the fans as they are thinking that Abel Makkonen Tesfaye unveiled the new face as a part of his new music video with the company his Sve Your Tear song.The Weeknd's fans think he modeled freaky 'plastic surgery'

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Thirthy-year-old Sports in an Appearance of Bizarre and gets Plumped lips and also Enhanced the Jawline, as well as Cheekbones now some of the Canadian hitmaker fans, guess that the new song is all about of his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid and plastic surgery face gesture to her. Bella Hadid has also gone to physical enhancement for two thousand thirteen.Why The Weeknd Fans Think His 'Plastic Surgery'

This weekend along with a four-minute pop video star sporting Venetian masks Bella Hadid in the year two thousand fifteen asking for his new albums his romantic signs also paid off and Bella Hadid their red carpet in the year of two thousand sixteen. Sources reported that fans are just nut connected and attached with Bella Hadid But they also connected with Selena Gomez who has lead in a music video.Bella Hadid

Girl dancing looks like a Selena Gomez said by one of the fans in the youtube comment section Bella Hadid has dated again from two thousand eighteen and nineteen. Till then keep updated yourself if we further get any update regarding this we will inform you by our articles.

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