This Keanu Reeves Movie just Shot Up to #2 Spot on Netflix’s Top Ranked Flicks.

Keanu Reeves movie Netflix top-ranked:

This Keanu Reeves Movie just Shot Up to #2 Spot on Netflix’s Top Ranked Flicks. The Keanu Reeves movie Knock Knock surged ahead of the movie Moneyball and is second to Holidate. Because of this Keanu Reeves movie is Netflix top-ranked.

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The movie Knock Knock:

This movie is a classic American thriller. Knock Knock is an erotic thriller movie and Eli Roth is the director of this movie. It’s a remake of the movie Death Game. This movie has Keanu Reeves in the lead role. It features Keanu Reeves as a successful architect,  Lorenza Izzo, and Ana D Armas are the girls who vandalize his home in the absence of his wife. For these two girls harassing married men is just a hobby. The title of the movie Knock Knock takes effect when Keanu reeves tracks these girls and knocks on their door, for revenge.

Keanu Reeves:

He is a Canadian actor. Keanu has worked in theatre and TV before he did his first movie Youngblood. The movie Matrix – The Beginning is the one because of which he became a star. Matrix was a scientific fiction movie. He has done many movies such as The Pointbreak, Devil’s advocate, Constantine, etc that were successful. Recently, because of COVID 19,  this movie Knock Knock was released on Netflix.  This Keanu Reeves’s movie is Netflix top-ranked.

 Matrix 4:

Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves is shooting for another movie  Matrix 4. He is also in news for dating his girlfriend Alexandra Grant. Keanu is 57 years and Alexandra is 47 years old. The sequel to the movie Matrix, Matrix4 is again a science fiction movie and the story is not revealed yet. Although the movie is close to Keanu Reeves’ heart and he works a lot, he doesn’t forget to give time to his girlfriend, Alexandra.

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