TOEFL Exam Fee 2020- Registration Fee and More!!

TOEFL Exam Fee 2020. Get the different denominations required to pay for different requirement like Regitration Fee, Resheduling Fee etc here.


The Test of English as a Foreign (TOEFL) is an assessment that examines a person’s proficiency in the English language. The score that candidate’s get helps them to apply for the foreign Universities. The test measures the fluency of the candidate in English. Besides, It helps the candidates to get a potential job in the foreign land.

The score enables people to apply in countries like the United States of America, New Zealand, Canada. Also, candidates can apply in the Universities in the United Kingdom and Australia. Besides, in many Universities, TOEFL score is compulsory to appear for their preliminary exams. The discussion of this article will be on the TOEFL Exam Fee 2020.

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TOEFL Exam Fee 2020:

  • The fee for appearing in TOEFL varies from region to region. In India, the Registration Fee is $ 185 (US).
  • Besides the registration fee, there are other payments like rescheduling fee and late registration fee.

Rescheduling Fee for TOEFL:

People can reschedule their exam dates if they desire. To change the booked dates one should request for it at least before 96 hours/4 days in full. The applicants cannot reschedule via an email. Also, they cannot do the same in the Test Centres. The candidate has to either call the Regional Registration Centre (RRC) or has to do it online through their ETS account. The candidate has to pay a fee of US$60 to reschedule their test.

NOTE: Phone Number of Regional Registration Centre: 91-124-4147700

Cancellation Fee:

The candidate has to cancel the test at least 96 hours before the date of the test. The process is the same as that of rescheduling the test. In essence, call the RRC or cancel it via the ETS account. The fee for cancelling the test is $60.

IMPORTANT: The examination happens over 60 times every year. It is a reliable Examination and it takes place only in the authorised centres. Make sure of your availability and book a slot thereafter. The fees for the exam is high. Prepare for the examination and appear.

Special Handling Requests for TOEFL:

Besides the Registration, rescheduling, and cancellation fee, there are some more requests that the authorities get. According to those, the authorities charge additional Handling request fee.

  • Late Registration Fee for TOEFL: If a person is late to schedule their date of examination they still can register. But, they will have to pay $40 extra.
  • ┬áReinstating TOEFL Score: In case of cancellation of the TOEFL score, a person can reinstate by paying $20.
  • Additional Report of TOEFL Score (per agency/institution): For each institution, the charge is $20.
  • Writing/Speaking Section Reviewing Score: For reviewing either speaking or writing section score the charge is $80.
  • Writing and Speaking Section Reviewing Score: For reviewing both writing and speaking section the charge is $160.

Modes of Payment:

The candidates can pay the respective fee by using one of the given options:

    • Discover
    • American Express
    • JCB
    • Mastercard
    • VISA
    • Diner Club
    • Electronic cheque (Mandatorily on a bank in the US or Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, or Canada) (The payment must be in US Dollars)
    • ETS-TOEFL accepts a paper cheque. Also, they accept Money order. But, it should be in US Dollars and to the payment should be for ETS TOEFL.

Policies for Payment for appearing in TOEFL:

  • Timely do the clearance of payment.
  • Provide Signature in the right places.
  • The numerical amount should be correct.

TOEFL Fees in different Nations:

The candidates can appear for TOEFL from several other countries. However, the fee structure is different for each nation.

  • In India, fees for TOEFL is $185. i.e. around Rs. 12,750.
  • On the other hand, for the people residing in the USA, the fee is $205.
  • The residents of Germany have to pay a fee of $255 to appear for the TOEFL Exam.
  • However, for the people in South Korea, the fee is $200.
  • For Registration, Visit The Official Website of ETS TOEFL

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