Top 10 sugar mills in India

Top 10 sugar mills in India, which makes them the 10 greatest sugar makers in the world. Arguably at least, they can be no doubt that they are the 10 in the world’s oldest sugar producing region. Since the sugarcane plant originates in this region it’s no surprise the most of the world sugar comes from India. Of course, with over 500 sugar mills in the country picking just 10 is challenging. Also, given the effect the coronavirus has had on the farming industries this can also affect the top 10. However, despite the pandemics disruption the demand has been constant. Not surprising, given that many foods and desserts require sugar. Which has allowed the sugar mills of India mostly remain intact. Including one are arguably the top 10 sugar mills in India.

As per the Survey of 2020 the list of top 10 Sugar Mills in India :

1.EID Parry Sugar Mill

the majority of specialists in this market would agree that EID Parry is one of the top sugar mills in India. Even if they don’t agree that the number one there’s no doubt history and experience. Specifically, this company was founded in 1788 and has grown massive over the years. It has facilities in several different counties which allow it to produce an extreme level.

2.Bannari Amman Sugar Mill

Bannari Amman is another of the top sugar mills in India and is also one of the highest revenue generators. The accompanying maintains a great deal of sugar production also has other revenue sources. These include the production of alcohol and renewable energy sources based on biofuel. Having said sugar is still one of the primary sources of revenue for this mill.

3.Shree Renuka Sugar Mill

Shree Renuka is not just a top sugar mill in India but also internationally. In addition to maintaining facilities in India it also has facilities in Brazil the world’s second larger sugar producer. In addition to the normal sugar the company also produces and sells raw sugar. This sugar mostly comes from their Brazil facilities as it is easier to transport.

4.Balrampur Chini Mill

Another top sugar mill in India is Balrampur Chini which many consider the second largest. That being said, it is not top in the industry in the country. However, it does produce on a daily basis when its facilities operating at full efficiency more than 75,000 tons of sugar.

5.Andhra Sugar Mill

Andhra Sugar all the spots as one of the top sugar mills India. However, it is also one of the youngest companies in the countries industry. At least it is on the list of the top 10 sugar mills in India considering it got its start in 1947. However, despite a long and challenging journey its products are now widely seen across India.

6.Dhampur Sugar Mill

Dhampur Sugar is another top sugar mill in India and is known for both sugar and jaggery. Its product are in common use throughout Indonesian households. The company also has a proud history. It still owns and maintains its first mill built in 1933.

7.Triveni ENGG Sugar Mill

Another top sugar mill in India is Triveni ENGG you have been a member of the sugar industry of India for a long time. This company has commitments to sustainable development and subsidizes all of the businesses in association with it. Additionally, besides sugar they are also have distillerys and water purification works.

8.Bajaj Hind Sugar Mill

Bajaj Hind as the company is currently known is one of the top 10 sugar mills in India. However, the company was originally known under a different name. Specifically, Hindusthan Sugar Mills when it got its start in 1931. This company supplements its revenue with subsidiaries spread throughout the whole country.

9.Dwarikesh Sugar Mill

Dwarikesh Sugar is one of the top sugar mills in India and is an industry leader. while it currently holds a place in the top 10 of the sugar mills of India is also the youngest. Specifically, the company was set up in 1995. However, currently with all its facilities are working at peak efficiency produces a daily total of over 20,000 of sugar. Additionally, the company also produces ethanol to supplement it sugar revenues.

10.Dalmis Sugar Mill

Dalmis Sugar is the last but not the least of the top 10 sugar mills in India. Since its founding in 1994 the company has grown rapidly. It currently produces a daily quota of over 22,000 of sugar if everything is working properly. additionally, the company has other facilities such as a distiller which they used supplementary their income. The company also produces raw sugar and products derived from raw sugar. Also, the company is a publicly listed and traded company.

Top 10 sugar mills in India

People also ask about Best Sugar Mills in India –

Which is the biggest sugar mill in India?

EID Parry Ltd has Largest Sugar Manufacturing Companies in India. But, Khatauli’s Triveni is the biggest Sugar Mill of India.

Which state has largest sugar mill in India?

Uttar Pradesh has highest number of Sugar Mills in India i.e. 199, followed by Maharashtra 160, then Karnataka 103.

Which is the largest sugar mill in Asia?

On the basis of Mass production and storage capacity, Khatauli’s Triveni is regarded as largest Sugar Mill in Asia. It was established in 1933 at Khatauli town of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Which is the first sugar mill in India?

Saran Sugar Mill of Bihar was the first Sugar Mill in India. Saran is now popular as Chhapra district of Bihar.


It is important to note that there is a large number of sugar mills in India. As a result, there can be a great deal of debate on which are the top 10. That being said, the 10 mentioned on this list are generally all the title of industry leaders. Of course, there are those who will argue one of them being higher than another. However, there is no denying that they are if not the top 10 then at least some of the top sugar mills in India.

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