Top- 6 Tourist places in Australia you must visit in 2020

Australia is the best choice for traveling because it is a travelers’ paradise. It is a small continent and the largest country in the world. Australia has so many beautiful and special places where you can fun, Enjoy, and spend your vacation. It is a perfect package with stunning beaches, picturesque rain forests, red-earthed national parks, and scorching deserts. With these beautiful places, here are some of the top 6  amazing tourist places in Australia for your next vacation.

Most famous sports in Australia..

1. Kakadu  National Park-  The World  wilderness Site

Kakadu National Park is one of the greatest places for visiting Australia. It is the second-largest and heritage park in the world. Here, you can see 300 species birds, a magnificent waterfall, mangrove swamps, rivers, aboriginal rock art as well as fabulous beauty of wildlife including saltwater, wallabies, dingoes, and crocodiles.

2.Great Ocean Road- Picturesque Formation

.    The Great Ocean Road is one of the best driven and scenic roads in the world. It is located in Victoria. You can see  Otway  National Park, Port Campbell National Park, spectacular rain forest. Sometimes you can see Australia’s famous wildlife comprising emus and kangaroos.

3.Heide Museum of Modern Art-A historical Art

Heide Museum of Modern Art is a unique and beautiful place that includes a historical art museum, contemporary gallery, and heritage park. The best thing about the beautiful museum is that it’s located on vast lush farmland. You should- visit that place.

4.Uluru- the largest monoliths

Uluru or Ayers Rocks is another significant visiting place for tourists. It is a striking red monolith sandstone formation. Whenever there is sunset time, the colors of rocks are changed. One thing should be kept in mind while visit there, keep yourself safe because it is located at 348 meters high.

 5.Harbor Bridge –  Arch-based design bridge

In Australia, Harbor Bridge is the most celebrated tourist place. Rising above the harbor which makes it a distinct bridge. The nickname of the bridge is “The Coathanger” because it has an arch-based design. It is the largest span bridge at 48.8m. The design was created by Tyne Bridge.

 6.Carlton Garden- The Oldest Carlton Gardens

The Carlton Garden is located in the Central Business District in Melbourne, Australia. It is the oldest and the world heritage site for tourists. The garden includes an outstanding collection of palms and evergreen trees, plants. It includes three significant fountains such as Designed for the 1880 Exhibition by sculptor Joseph Hochgurtel, the exhibition fountain, and the Westgarth Drinking Fountains.

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