Trevor Noah GQ Men Of The year cover star, speaks about Covid 19 , racism etc.

Trevor Noah GQ Men Of The year:

Trevor Noah is a star now because he is the face of the GQ Men Of The year cover. He talked to the magazine about how the COVID-ridden year has been. He says it was such an emotionally and mentally liberating year. Trevor says he feels deeply about racism in America. GQ is the leading men’s magazine and provides advice on fashion, style, lifestyle, trends, etc.

Trevor Noah GQ Men Of The year
Trevor Noah GQ Men Of The year

Trevor Noah:

He is a South African, actor, comedian, political commentator, etc. Trevor is the presenter of the Daily Show on Comedy central. It’s an American Satirical program on politics. Trevor had the status of a colored child because he was born out of interracial parents. The magazine Hollywood reporter says he is one of the most influential people in American politics.

On being the face of GQ:

He speaks about racism, Trump, and a divided America because he feels deeply about all this. Noah says GQ makes you look so good that people put you on a pedestal. Noah says, about racism,  even if you are homeless, in your head you are white, speaking about a homeless neighbor he knows. Trevor also says supporting Barack Obama’s line of thinking in Trump’s world is difficult.

 Meanwhile, speaking about another celebrity  Buddy Valastro:

Seems like Buddy Valastro’s hand injury has become a hurdle in his baking career. Buddy Valastro got a hand injury while restarting the pinsetter machine in October. Valastro was enjoying some family time bowling session. When this unfortunate incident took place. The metal rod of the machine is said to be speared on his Hand several times.

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