US sets another daily record

US sets another daily record  as July continues. This is a somber note as the total number of confirmed cases across the country has also reached 2.9 million. However, there can still be some comfort taken in the death toll being relatively low. If it’s possible to call 131,480 Coronavirus related deaths. It is important to note that death toll statistically doesn’t amount to more than 1%. Though that doesn’t bring much comfort to grieving families. This record-breaking increase in cases however is primarily being seen in only a handful of the 50 states. In the remainder the increase is within expected percentage of cases.

Reason for the increase

The states that are being primarily contributing to the daily record are for the most part southern and western states. The factors that are affecting this are crop harvest and summer weather. In the form of the crop harvest workers find it very difficult to practice social distancing where a face mask. In most cases it is hard work out under the hot sun where it’s usually not possible to maintain distance. As a result, many of the workers unknowingly spread the disease to each other and then their families.

Which explains part of the rise in new cases of the coronavirus. The other factor is the growing number of people who are going out to enjoy summer. in many cases they have congregated in their traditional summer gathering place, the beach. This would be a problem if they were still wearing masks and maintaining social distance. Unfortunately, many of the beachgoers choose to forgo the mask and also don’t maintain the minimum safe distance. The same pattern applies to other summer gatherings where the individuals at the events do not take proper precautions. Many of the affected states hit one or both of these scenarios. An additional result of the surge is an increased strain on the US ability to test for the virus. The test has only recently become widely available has not yet had enough lead time to cope with this daily record in the coronavirus.

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