Vagabond Season 2 Confirmed: Release Date, Renewal and Everything We Know.

Vagabond is a south Korean series starring Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy. It depicts the story of a stuntman and N.I.S Agent unveiling the Government’s corruption for their own motives. But the finale episode was more like a cliffhanger That’s why rumors of season 2 are in the air. So let’s find out more about Vagabond season 2 Release date, cast, and synopsis Every update and latest trivia.

And while we are at season 2 let’s cover, why the ending of the first season left the audience with lots of questions and why they are expecting season 2.

All about vagabond season 2:

Let’s check out more updates on vagabond season 2 Here.

Vagabond season 2 Release date :

If you are one of those binge-watchers and can’t get enough of your favorite show. Then this is definitely not good news for you. No Release date or season 2 of this most anticipated drama has been announced yet. But time and again actors of the show have addressed the ending and admitted that the audience sure needs some clarifications. So there is still a chance.

But If ( fingers crossed) vagabond is coming back with another season you have to wait for at least one or two years. Because production hasn’t been even started yet. After wrapping up all the filming process, promotions, and other activities it will be easily 2022 or 2023. So be patient till then. Or just rewatch season 1 again.

Vagabond Season 2 Future:

Till now we can’t say anything but from different official sources, we came to know that it will be premiered soon in the month of February 2021. with all new updates mentioned below.

Vagabond season 2 Trailer and cast :

Vagabond season 2 Release date
Updates on Vagabond season 2 Release date, cast, and Trailer.

As there is no news about season 2, there is no trailer as well. But if production will decide to make season 2 Trailers and teasers will be estimated to be 3-4 months prior to its premiere.

Cast members are also not known as of now. But former cast will likely to return as they are liked by the audience. And this show has top Hallyu stars value of the show is increased exponentially. Bae Suzy is considered a national crush of Korea and known for her singing and acting globally.

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Vagabond season 2 synopsis:

Not Revealed yet …… stay tuned with us for more updates on Vagabond season 2 synopsis and other details.

All about vagabond season 1 :

Vagabond season 2 Release date, cast Trailer, and synopsis will be updated as soon as there will be any announcement from production. But for now, let’s get into more details about Vagabond. Why this drama ending is considered a cliffhanger. And know the characters of vagabond better with us.


Vagabond premiered in 2019 is a South Korean mystery and spy genre series. The story leads to Cha Dal gun is working as a stuntman taking care of his nephew. Just leading a normal life, but one day his nephew Cha hoon left for the field trip to Morocco and met a disaster as Airplane crashed, which cost him his life. But cha hoon sent his uncle a brief video in which he encouraged him to follow his real passion. But that video has more depth because cha Dal gun recognized one of the passengers from the video in Morocco. Where he went for his nephew and other plane crash victims’ funeral.

He came to know that the plane crash was not an accident, now all he wants to know the truth. In his mission, he met N.I.S agent Go Hae ri to unveil the truth. Now both teamed up to know secrets that their government is hiding. And on their way, they started to have feelings for each other.


Vagabond season 2 Release date
The latest news on Vagabond season 2 Release date and a brief recap of Vagabond.

Vagabond Ending : ( spoiler-free)

This 16 episode series came to an end, but viewers are still in debate whether it is a happy ending or a sad ending. We will not disclose things like if two leads have happily ever after and the male lead avenged his nephew’s death or not. Watch this series on Netflix to decide for yourself. But one thing is for sure that vagabond’s finale definitely needed a closure.

Vagabond cast and main characters:

Vagabond season 2 Release date and characters
Vagabond season 2 Release date and characters
  • Cha Dal gun portrayed by Lee Seung-gi: Cha Dal gun is a stuntman, lives with his Nephew.
    when his nephew dies in a plane crash, but it is not just an accident. So he wants to avenge his nephew’s death.
  • Go Hae- Ri portrayed by Bae Suzy: She is the National intelligence service agent. All she wants is a promotion as she came into civil services just to support her family financially.
  • Gi Tae-ung portrayed by Shin sung rok: Head of NIS always goes by the book. You will definitely get second lead syndrome here. And if you decided to watch this show for Lee Seung gi and fell for Shin sung rok it will be no shocker for us.
  • Cha Hoon portrayed by Moon woo Jin: He is Cha Dal Gun Nephew, an orphan. And He is one of the victims of plane crash.

And many others….. Get to know more about the cast and episodes by clicking here.

Most FAQs on Vagabond:

  1. Is vagabond ended?
    Yes, the final episode of the series premiered on Netflix. This 16 episodes Series came to an end. However, viewers really think that it was not a perfect ending for this star-studded drama. Watch this drama on Netflix and be the judge.
  2. Is lee sung gi and Bae Suzy dating?
    If you are really a k-drama fan there is no way that you haven’t shipped your favorite couple in real life. Suzy and Seung gi are one of them. But they are not dating current. However, they are good friends as this is their second drama together. First was the Gu family book.
  3. Is there Vagabond season 2?
    There is no confirmation on season 2. And even some fans firmly believe that there will be no second season to this great drama.

Have you watched the Vagabond? If yes, then what Do you think about it’s ending is season 2 is really required?