Vampire : The masquerade is becoming a battle royale

Vampire masquerade battle royale releasing Next year. It will be developed by sharkmob.
It has revealed that the new Vampire: The masquerade will be a royal battle. Sharkmob has also released 33 seconds trailer for the same.

Watch the Teaser now:

What’s in the trailer:

In the trailer, it is clearly shown that we’ll be in vampires’ characters. Players will Have a whole lot of supernatural powers. Players will be armed with knives guns and pretty much any weapon you can think of.

However, Having violence in video games has always got mixed responses. Because trailer graphics are looking quite lively. It is interesting to see how will be the whole vampire masquerade battle royale will be developing in near future.

Vampire masquerade battle royale
Vampire masquerade battle royal

About vampire masquerade battle royale:

  • In this royale battle as shown in the trailer, you can experience thrilling battles.
  • It is said to be a multiple player game.
  • you can choose your own playstyle
  • Solo, together, battling, and hostile are types of battle
  • you can use your supernatural powers and weapons to win and become strong
  • As the main characters will be vampires this whole game set up will be at night.
  • Eventually, you have to survive a night in the game in order to win

Audiences Reaction:    

By judging from the trailer and comments from audiences doesn’t seem to have a clear image of the game. But the trailer has delivered its purpose. And lots of people seem to be excited about the vampire masquerade battle royale. This will be great to watch what’s new sharkmob has regarding vampire masquerade. The platform for the release of this game is still unknown.

About the game :

  • Vampire: The masquerade is a role-playing video game
  • created by Mark Rein Hagen
  • Released by white wolf publishing in 1991
  • In this game, players role-play vampires referred to as kindred
  • Kindreds deals with struggles night-to-night as they are vampires.
  • Many products were produced based on this game.

Because the genre of Vampire: The masquerade is personal horror that might be quite a challenge for developers to turn this game into a battle royale

About sharkmob :

sharkmob is the latest indie studio. It has a great talent for triple-A developers. Sharkmob CEO Fredrick Rundqvist has revealed the team has licensed IP.