Dramacool Keyword has 7million traffic - How to build and earn 

By Rock Johnson

Jan 4, 2023

1.8 Million traffic from India 


Dramacool.com and Dramacoolhub.net both of the site which are ranking collect near about 1million traffic from just keyword Dramacool

Dramacool has 7.1 Million global traffic 


To bulid website like  Dramacoolhub.net is so simple and non techincal. but to earn money you will have to invest time.

After domain buy reliable hosting 


Hosting plays very important role to make any site rank on top 10 searches, because first google see if your hosting can handle high traffic. 

Now host a wordpress site


if you are able to access your dashboard now check for theam installation and full setup of plugins and website like Dramcoolhub.net ->

follow every step mention in video


Now You have set your site according to steps mentioned in video 

After working 10 day on website 

How to Earn

when website start responsing in organic search result and traffic you have to apply for Adsense Monetization and start earning.

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