The rumors for iPhone 14 series have already started?

And what is it about Apple’s significant divergence in technology & design from the current iPhone line?

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The iPhone launch in 2022 was what a year it has been. It’s pretty crazy. I don’t even need to tell people how good or bad this year has been, but we had an iPhone launch in October for the first time in God knows how long!
As far as I can remember, most iPhone launches have been in September for the last four to five years, so this has been a unique year in which the iPhone will delay this year.

The rumors for iPhone 14 series are already piling up; though it’s challenging to forecast Apple’s trajectory this far ahead, some early iPhone 14 leaks disclose some fascinating potential changes.

When can we expect iPhone 14 series?

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the release date of the iPhone 14 series to its regular launch schedule. He says that the iPhone 14 should return to its regular launch schedule, which suggests that we will likely expect a September release date.

If the iPhone 14 release date follows Apple’s pattern for previous launches, we could see this iPhone hit shelves on the 4th Friday of September, i.e., the 24th of October 2022.

iPhone 14 models:

Display analyst ‘Ross Young’ shared information about the iPhone 14 series. He believes Apple will release four models that look almost like the iPhone 13 sequences.

TF international securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes Apple will release four new iPhone 14 models in the coming year 2022

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  • Specs :

    • To be announced in 2022
    • 120 Hz screen with LTPO (energy efficient)
    • ‘Port less’ model, to drop lightning connector.
    • Potential four-camera array + LiDAR
    • Touch ID inside the display or power button
    • Image credit to apple hub on Instagram
    • Magsafe for accessories & charging
    • May reduce the Notch or remove it altogether.


  • Apple’s 2021 model, the iPhone 14 series, may see significant improvements in the camera. Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released an investor note to suggest predictions on the cameras on the 2021 model. He believes at least one upcoming model of iphone will come with a periscope lens, and if that’s true, the forthcoming models could have better optical zoom.

    Twitter user Fudge, who shares information about the upcoming product of Apple, also claims about the iPhone 14’s camera.

    He says that iPhone 14 will come with a four sensor setup that might looks like: –

    • 64MP wide-angle lens w/ 1x optical zoom & 6x digital zoom.
    • 40MP telephoto lens w/ 3x-5x optical zoom & 15-20x digital zoom.
    • 64MP anamorphic lens (2.1:1).
    • 40MP .25x min ultra-wide lens w/ optical reverse zoom.
    • LiDAR 4.0.

    We’re a little less than a year away from 2021 model announcements, which means the phones are still developing, which means Apple’s plans can, and probably will change.

    While only premium models will shift to the improved lens in the model (2021), in the 2022 models, all iPhone models (presumably called the iPhone 14 series) will change to the enhanced technology.

    Even Better Displays:

    According to multiple leaks, the new model will debut a 120Hz display. The faster 120Hz refresh rate would lead to a smoother experience (more fluid scrolling, better responsiveness, speedier motion) on display, with some Apple insiders backing up such a claim.

    Ross Young, the founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, has also shared information about the iPhone 14 series. He believes the iPhone 14 could have low-temperature polycrystalline oxide backplanes, also known as LTPO.

    Ross Young expects the company will launch a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max, a 6.1 iPhone 14 Pro, a 6.1-inch iPhone 14, and a 5.4-inch iPhone 14 mini in the upcoming year (2021).

    Initially, it seemed like the iPhone 12 series would come with apple’s ProMotion display technology, but that isn’t the case; there is a perfect chance Apple will bring the feature to the iPhone 14 series.

    The Elec Korean outlet believes at least two iPhone 14 models will utilize OLED displays and low-power LTPO backplane technology. Those models presumably are the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

    Non existing or smaller Notch

    Apple is reportedly looking forward to slimming down and eliminating the Notch on future iPhone models.

    Last fall, a render was published by leaker Ben Geskin on Twitter detailing how the system could work by embedding the totality of the True Depth system and earpiece inside the handset’s top bezel.


    iphone 14 Will it makes a comeback?

    • The most reliable source, Ming-Chi Kuo, believes Apple’s 2021 iphone models will come with Face ID and an under-display fingerprint sensor.
    • Taiwanese research firm Trend Force believes Apple is currently planning to utilize TSMC’s next-generation 5mn+ process for its A15 chip. The A15 chip can be expected to power Apple’s iPhone 14 models.
    • Apple might release a port-less iPhone next year, and the rumor comes from the leaker Jon Prosser who says Apple will release an iPhone without Lightning, or USB-C, next year.
    • Leaker Jon Prosser claims in a tweet that Apple is working on a 1TB iPhone. If it’s true, it would be the first time Apple’s offered 1TB of storage on an iPhone.
    • The iPhone 14 will roll out with a brand new SoC; while the iphone12 had an A15 bionic chip, the iPhone 15 could use the A16 processor, which will be notably faster and more powerful than its predecessor.

Trailer and Wrap up:

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