Will We Be Spinning Through a Spinning Out Season 2 release?

In the beginning of 2020, Netflix decided to Spin out some new features. One of these was a drama series named Spinning Out. It was created by Samantha Stratton in hopes of continuing with a Spinning Out Season 2.

The story follows a family of a mother and her two teen-aged daughters who love the sport of ice-skating. As ice-skating goes, with competition, there of course is drama that follows. Carol Baker, is a retired ice-skating competitor who at a young age had wished to become an Olympic ice-skater. Unfortunately, she had to set her skates aside as motherhood entered the door a little too early for her. Now, her eldest daughter, Kat, and her youngest daughter Serena partake in the ice-skating world. The story mainly follows Kat Baker as she juggles her ice-skating life, her family, and love all while trying to fight her battle with a mental disorder, Bipolar disorder.

Kat’s mother has also been battling Bipolar Disorder. To Kat’s unliking, she too ended up with the mental disorder. Throughout the series, we as viewers take in how these two completely separate personalities decide to live their everyday lives with the disorder. Kat follows an unfortunate traumatic event that hinders her ice skating abilities. With Kat’s confidence shattered and her world turning upside down, she no longer wants to compete. Then here comes Justin. Justin gives Kat the confidence she needs to keep pursuing her life dream. Although Kat is not used to skating with a partner, Justin helps her along the way and they become as one.

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Real Olympic Medalists Join the Cast

Throughout the series, we get to see actual Olympic gold medalists like Johnny Weir in the series. Weir plays Gabriel Richardson, who on the outside may seem like an inviting person, but in reality wants to when the competition against Kat and her new ice skating partner Justin. And Gabe will not let anything or anyone get in his way. Could Johnny Weir’s appearance be enough to have a Spinning Out Season 2?

Spinning Out on Netflix fails figure skating, but gets Johnny Weir right

Spinning Out breaks the ice for Bipolar Disorder

The story truly is a one of kind story that portrays a side of mental illness that many other series decide not to tackle.With this being said, will there be a Spinning out season 2? Or did the talk about worldly views on mental disorders seem to be too much for this up and coming series.

Speaking about mental health on its own has become such a huge issue in our nation. Celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Miley Cyrus amongst other celebrities have discussed the importance of mental health on the mind, body, and soul of a person. Approximately 2.3 million americans are presently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. This is not including the thousands that may go underdiagnosed. People may go underdiagnosed because they see psychological disorders as something that is easily fixed or nonexistent. If it isn’t physiological, it is not real. But that is far from the case.

Spinning Out on Netflix decided to tackle the talk about Bipolar disorder by trying to portray it within their main characters Kat Baker and Carol Baker. The producers and Creators of Spinning out wanted to portray the disorder as accurate as possible, so they decided to reach out and get the help of doctors and psychiatric groups so they do not fault when it comes to showing a mental illness on screen. While many other shows try to portray a mental illness as raw and truthful as they can, some shows do come flat with demonstrating it. Could this had happened with Spinning Out?

Spinning Out Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, after the first season came out in January of  2020, Netflix decided to cancel the show right after. Til this day, we are not sure what happened, but there is speculation that Netflix had to cancel the show due to economic problems. Or because the show did not create as big of a fan base that it needed to stay on air. This may have put a Spinning out season 2 release date in jeopardy.

Before Spinning out skated it’s way to Netflix, it was going to air through the Pop Channel. Unfortunately, the channel stated that the project was just too expensive for them to keep. Therefore, the rights ended up on Netflix. We at least got lucky with one season of Spinning out. But now the question stands, will there be a Spinning Out season 2 release date?

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Was Spinning Out Shut down? Or will it continue?

Spinning Out did grow enough of a fanbase for fans to notice that no other season was coming out of it. Fans still await a Spinning Out season 2 release date. They hope that they get the loving ice-skating drama series back on air. Afterall, with the severity of the social issues the story hits, you would think Netflix would reconsider renewing a show that shines light on mental health issues, bipolar disorder, and the lgbtqia community. Hopefully Netflix will reconsider their choice in axing the show, but until then, we have an awe-inspiring first season to watch.


Q:Will there be a Spinning Out Season 2?

A: Unfortunately, it looks like the future of a Spinning Out Season 2 release date seems dim. This is because there really has been no talks about the series since it’s season one release.

Q: Will Johnny Weir be in Spinning Out Season 2?

A: Unfortunately without knowing if there will be a Spinning Out Season 2, we do not know yet if Johnny Weir will continue in another season.

Q: Is January Jones in Spinning Out?

A: Yes. She plays Kat’s mother, Carol Baker.