Yu Yu Hakusho on Netflix !

Famous 90s Manga yu yu Hakusho to get its own live action series on Netflix. However if you want to watch its animated version it is available on Netflix. Fans just can’t wait to watch this series in live action. Let’s find out yu yu Hakusho Release date, plot, cast, Trailer, and Every trivia you need to know about about this series.

Netflix’s confirmation:

On December 16 (Wednesday) Netflix announced that they are making Yu Yu Hakusho into live action series. Much details are not shared by Netflix about this upcoming project. Viewers have to wait for further details.

Netflix is known for its live action series. However conversion of animation into live action can be a little tricky but no one does it better than Netflix. There are a number of live-action Netflix originals.so fans can rest assured we can definitely get what we are expecting.

As more details are yet to come Netflix assured that series will be developed by their permanent team they have developed many live action series.

Yu Yu Hakusho RELEASE DATE :

Release date is also yet to be confirmed for live action series. But if you want to watch animated version all 4 seasons are available on Netflix.

1) Storyline :

The story revolves around a teenage boy Yusuke Urameshi a renowned street fighter. Who eventually dies saving a kid from car accident. After dying it couldn’t be decided whether to place him in heaven or hell he resurrected. But this resurrection comes with a cost of being underworld’s detective. Yusuke has to keep an eye on paranormal activities in human world. As a result he encountered with many life threatening battles with demons.

Yu yu hakusho release date

Yu Yu Hakusho release date

90s were the decade when anime and manga are getting more and more interests from youth. So as It has such a unique concept especially for 90s it has many viewers till now. Soon it will be 25th anniversary for yu yu Hakusho.

Watch Trailer- yu yu Hakusho funimation Trailer

Cast / character introductions :

Yusuke Urameshi :  

Main character, A street fighter, junior High schooler who rarely attends school. He is known for his bad temperament. His classmates fears him and teachers and neighbors considered him bad influence. Got recruited as an Underwold detective as he has no place for his soul either in heaven or hell.

   Special attack : spirit gun

Yusuke is the Most popular character in the Anime world.

Kazuma kuwabara : 

Can be considered as second lead. Also a street fighter, always wanted to prove himself stronger than Yusuke but never succeeded. His immense love for cats is something which makes him more interesting and charming.
He loves fighting and all but in the manga he is portrayed as a kind hearted character than Yusuke.  Ends up on Yusuke side and became his partner.

    Special attack : can make his own sword called aura sword / spirit sword

Kurama : 

Demon (fox) his trained in stealing ancient treasure. In order to protect himself after being gravely injured he entered an embryo. So now in human form known as shuichi Minamino.  Waiting to get back his demonic powers to return.

Signature weapon :   Rose whip

Later became partner of Yusuke in defeating many powerful demons.

Yu yu hakusho release date

Yu Yu hakusho release date

Hiei :

one of the three beast abandoned at birth. Thirst to kill others. Later joins Yusuke along with kurama. He is most famous character even more than Yusuke.

Special attack – can summon black flame from demon plane.

Genkai :

Martial art expert famous in both realms. Yusuke won one of her tournaments to become her student by defeating demon Rando.
Special ability: can revitalise cell and appears younger

Koenma :

Koenma is Yusuke’s recruiter he is son of afterlife king. Always appear as a kid.

Rando :

(demon) Specialised in martial artist defeating.participated in Genkai’s tournament along with Yusuke. But defeated by Yusuke.

There are many supporting characters and beast joined yu yu Hakusho in his demonic battle.


  • Netflix Announced live action series for Yu yu Hakusho.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho release date is not confirmed yet
  • Further details are yet to updated.


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