2023’s Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers on YouTube

Any YouTube enthusiast will tell you that this platform is now much more than simply a place to store amateur web series and home videos. A lot of celebrities’ careers have been started partly due to YouTube, one of the most popular websites on the internet today. There’s a good chance that YouTube offers something for you, whether you’re looking to spend some time, be informed, or both. And you’re not the only one who loves the site—it has over a billion active users.

Which YouTube channels have thus far been able to win over viewers’ hearts and minds worldwide? Here are just a few of the YouTube channels with the most subscribers. There is something on this list for everyone, from music to gaming to fashion and beyond. What are you still holding out for? Take off exploring!

The 10 most-subscribed YouTube channels in the world

1.      T-series

Subscribers: 235 Million

Category: Music

The largest music label and studio in India is T-series, which creates a variety of music genres in a wide range of languages and styles. The channel recently made headlines for exceeding the YouTube subscriber criteria and overtaking Pewdiepie’s channel to take the top spot. It is exclusively dedicated to Bollywood music and believes that songs and music are the only means by which people may connect throughout the world.

2.      Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

Subscribers: 153 Million

Category: Education and Nursery rhymes

For young children and their families, Nursery Rhymes is a popular channel. The nursery rhymes and kids’ songs on the channel were all created on-site. With more than 153 million followers, Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes is the second most subscribed YouTube channel.

3.      SET India

Subscribers: 151 Million

Category: Entertainment

One of the most well-liked 24-hour hour Hindi general entertainment sites for everyone on YouTube is the Sony Entertainment Television channel. It is a dynamic channel that offers content from a variety of genres to meet the needs of as many viewers as possible. On the channel, they broadcast anything from dancing show programs to thrillers, drama, comedy, event shows, and games. They are among the most important brands on YouTube because of their entertaining, interesting, and relevant content.

4.      MrBeast

Subscribers: 131 Million

Category: Entertainment

US-based Jimmy Donaldson started Mr. Beast in 2012 as Mr. Beast6000 when he was just 13 years old.

Additionally, he owns 5 additional channels, including Beast Reacts, Mr. Beast 2, and Mr. Beast 3. (inactive). With just nearly 30 million users, MrBeast Gaming is also among the top 30.

While one of MrBeast’s earliest videos included him counting continuously for 44 hours to 10,000 (a stunt that instantly went viral), he is now most known for his videos including elaborate stunts, charity donations, and cash giveaways. He handed out $1 million in one video.

Other charity stunt videos by Donaldson include “Giving A Random Homeless Man $10,000” and “Gave $500,000 To Random People.”

Forbes estimates Jimmy Donaldson’s net worth at $500 million.

5.      PewDiePie

Subscribers: 111 Million

Category: Entertainment

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, previously held the record for having the most subscribers on YouTube for over 10 years.

PewDiePie was created in 2010 by Swedish Kjellberg, who began by recording play-by-plays of video games, or “Let’s Plays.” He became the most subscribed YouTube channel in just three years.

Additionally, PewDiePie has dabbled in comedy, commentary, music, and programs. His unique “bro fist bump” at the end of videos has become well-known.

6.      Kids Diana Show

Subscribers: 107 Million

Category: Kids, Entertainment

Diana, a 7-year-old girl, and her younger brother Roma, who has a channel called Kids Roma Show, are the stars of the kid’s show. They play and behave like children, running about and having fun. For some who believe the channel is only for children, it offers content in many other languages besides English. This channel was started in 2014, and in just eight years it has grown to have over 107 million followers, making it the sixth most subscribed channel on YouTube.

7.      Like Nastya

Subscribers: 104 Million

Category: Kids, Entertainment

The channel is devoted to helping kids grow, learn, and be parents in fun ways. Regular viewers experience the world of music, numbers, nature, color, forms, animals, and more while also teaching themselves and their kids about good friendships, healthy nutrition, and other topics. It is one of the most cutting-edge and creative channels that parents may subscribe to instruct kids while interacting with them at the same time.

8.      WWE

Subscribers: 93.1 Million

Category: Sports

With over 93.1 million subscribers, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is the 8th most subscribed YouTube channel. Highlights, interviews, and original wrestling content are all available on the channel.

9.      Vlad and Niki

Subscribers: 95 Million

Category: Kids, learning

The top 10 characters in a unique children’s series are Vlad and Niki. The Vashketov family now resides in Miami with Vashketov’s children, Vladislav and Nikita. Their videos, which can be found on 21 different YouTube channels in 18 different languages, are viewed by more than 200 million people worldwide. They switched from playing with toys to making them after signing an agreement with Playmates Toys, a Hong Kong-based company run by a couple. Even the company’s app was created by them. This is a good result for two children who were born in the decade 2010. There are currently 95 million subscribers.

10.  Zee music company

Subscribers: 91.9 Million

Category: Entertainment

One of India’s most well-known and renowned entertainment and television media companies is Zee Music. With 222,000 hours of television programs and over a billion views worldwide, it is the largest producer and aggregator of Hindi programming in the world. Along with owning movie title rights for more than 3818 films, they include legendary cinema actors, superstars, and celebrities.

These 10 channels have been able to keep their position at the top in the dynamic and competitive world of internet video. Together with billions of views, they continue to captivate and entertain audiences everywhere.

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