In today’s generation, games are gaining full attention and have become a part of youth’s life. Especially in this pandemic period, games are ready to constantly come up with updates. Updates which include new and amazing content to provide constant engrossment from its players. However, for these kind of content updates, Overwatch is popular amid the players. Overwatch releases Tracer Comic which is their latest coming, London Calling, Tracer. An in-game challenge circulating around this comic is developed. They named it as Tracer’s comic challenge to celebrate this comic.

Overwatch releases Tracer Comic Challenge :

To commemorate the launch of this comic, Overwatch designed an in-game challenge for the players to complete and also to build hype for the latest issue of the Overwatch comic. The player has to win 9 matchmade games to complete the Tracer Comic Challenge. Completing this challenge would reward the player with an exclusive epic Overwatch skin revolving around the theme of the comic, called the Comic Book Tracer.

Players can also win a lot more other cosmetics during the course of this challenge too. This challenge will only be on from the 15th of September to the 28th of September and the players have to complete the challenge within the allotted time to win the reward. This challenge is quite similar to earlier challenges like Ana’s Basket Challenge and Sigma’s Maestro Challenge. An array of comic book sprays will also be given away to viewers of Overwatch streamers on Twitch.