Ace flyers salute frontline caregivers


Today in the skies of New York City a breathtaking and rare display occurred. As the U.S. Navy’s BLUE ANGELS and the US air forces THUNDERBIRDS. They flew together to salute frontline caregivers . This was the first flight in the joint military operation code-named AMERICA STRONG. In this, the two demonstrations squadrons will perform joint flyovers of hospitals in various cities. In these troubled times when it has felt darker and darker the last few months this event has brought joy in celebration.

Unity showed for caregivers

The BLUE ANGELS and THUNDERBIRDS are the US Navies and Air Forces flight demonstration squadrons. Only the best pilots in both branches of the military are assigned to the squadrons. In the course of a normal year the squadrons will spend much of their time training . They are performing intense and complicated aerial maneuvers at various airshows across the country. One of the exciting and attention-grabbing aspects of today’s flyover of New York City . The fact was that both squadrons flew together. This is a rare event, the last time both squadrons in formation was in 2017. The fact that such a rare event in both squadrons’ history is being undertaken goes to show how much respect and gratitude the Armed Forces have for our front-line care workers.

Caregiver’s contribution

The effect on the caregivers was profound, many of them have been facing extraordinary circumstances and tensions. Attending and caring for patients that cannot feel the closeness of family, even in their last moments. The fly over of New York City brought a sense of joy and celebration to a city that has felt like it has not for months. It wasn’t just the front-line care workers who felt the joy though the salute was meant for them. Many residents of the city were also awestruck by the precise, perfect formations of the THUNDERBIRDS and BLUE ANGELS. The flyover only lasted a few minutes but the effect on the city, particularly the caregivers who were being honored by it, was profound and uplifting.

With this unique event rousing success, it is no surprise that more are planned for the coming weeks. Soon other cities and other school hear the roar of the THUNDERBIRDS and witness the skill of the BLUE ANGELS. As the squadrons fly over another city to salute the strength of those who stand on the front lines in this battle against the coronavirus. With such a gate figures, heroes, saluting other heroes it becomes clear and fitting why this operation was named AMERICA STRONG.

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