Amazon Prime Day 2020: Probable Deals

Amazon Prime Day has seen a delay this year. The retail event that originally occurs in July, will now be held around October in the US, reports say. Many are speculating October 5 as the probable Prime Day. Nevertheless, whatever the date, Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals will be worth watching out for.

Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day is a yearly event wherein the retail platform slashes the price of more than half of its products. However, this slashing of prime is only available for the users that have acquired Prime Membership of the online retail platform. This is the sixth year of Amazon having a Prime Day event. But due to certain circumstances, the US has not yet had Priem Day 2020. Amazon had postponed the mid-July event due to some undisclosed delays.

Business Insider has revealed in a report that Prime Day 2020 has been postponed until the first week of October in the US. Rumours have it that the Amazon Prime Day deals will last for four days this time. It is certainly expected to be a hit in the US, much like it did in India.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 a hit in India!
Amazon Prime Day 2020 a hit in India!

Deals, Offers and Best Buy

Although Amazon is yet to reveal Prime Day deals, there are many reports going around the same. These reports anticipate probable offers by taking a look at the previous Prime Day deals.

Also Macbooks, Firesticks, televisions and phones are surely going to offer different discounts to the Prime members. Many new flagships might also be launch as a part of the Prime Day deals. EchoDot, Fire TV Stick and Kindle Paperwhite might also see huge offers and discounts. One can also expect to see Best buy on iPhones, iPads and 4K TVs.

Of course, there will be huge discounts on other categories like fashion, books, home appliances etc. Plus, as Prime Day is being delayed it might also offer a host of Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals to the Prime Members.

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