The United Nations of America investing in the Chinese company researching on virus trilogy has shocked people all over the world recently it has been specified that the United States has not been fair in it’s rule as shocking news come into play
Where the world have been blaming China in developing such a bizarre virus COVID-19, a Chinese company reportedly has been responsible for this outbreak. the wuhan institute of virology that has been researching on bats brought out from wild caves and forests on their adaptability.
The US research of national health has reportedly been investing in the trilogy of the research.
Matt gates an American representative have also given a statement regarding the negligence of government and wastage of US taxes .
It was also seen that bats who were researched upon were later thrown into the wuhan food market and hence consumed by the population.

The study on COVID19 have further proven that this virus generally needs a host with a long life span and higher flying capability in order to spread itself faster

The bats fulfill all the requirements(average age is 16-40 yrs ) thus making the perfect intermediate host for CVOID19 .but it does not leads to pandemic  among bats because bats do not have well developed immune response and this reduce the chances of severe lung damage and they have a fully fledged metabolism and interferon response .
The US trying to hide their mistake has led to an uproar in the country and the citizen are not appreciating the US investment hence the people are questing the investment choices of America.

also, due to major recognition as the makers of the virus : china has been trying to help several nations in providing medical Equipment and testing kits.

china lending a helping hand a way to hide past mistakes?

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