Android 11 Beta 2 Finally Adds Support for Internal Audio to the Screen Recorder

Android 11

Android 11 is being tested in beta, and there is an introduction of alot of new and useful features in Android 11.

Most of the users in the market that is 2/3rd of the people are android users. They were demanding for the screen recording feature in their mobiles along with the audio recording facility. So, Android 11 finally have completed their demand by providing this feature.

Recording features

When you click on the screen recording option in your device setting option. You can select between the three different options provided which are:

  • Microphone
  • Device audio
  • Microphone and device audio

People who wanted this feature, they will be pretty happy with these options as-

First is microphone, they can record the screen with recording the audio from the device but they instead they can record their own voices with the help of this microphone option.

Second is device audio, they can not record their their voice in this option as the microphone will not be in use. But along with the screen recording they can record the audio of the device or device media.

Third option which includes both microphone and device audio, it provides both the options to the users. In this they can record the screen along with the device audio and they can even pause the device audio and use microphone to record their voice or they can also record from both on the same time.

In a demo of this feature we have seen that the device was set on to record on the device audio and in the same room a person was playing on a very loud voice. Still, the device only recorded the device audio.

We know that Google has been working on this feature since march, but it’s great to see it finally have arrived.

There are also other features in Android 11. But they are minor additional features but this is the major and the most awaited feature by the users.


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