“At Midnight” Review: A Surface-Level Sweet Romantic Comedy that Falls Short of Expectations

“Dating & New York” (2021), a recent independent film, subtly nudges viewers to notice how it modernizes the outmoded rom-com structure with a millennial touch. (Are you familiar with Instagram? Podcasts? So did the film.) In that case, a likable cast served as a shield against clichés and the writer-director Jonah Feingold’s self-consciously upbeat style. Watch At Midnight on Valentine’s Day if you want to appreciate the beauty of the Jonah Feingold film and fulfill your craving for romance!

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Original Language: English
Director: Jonah Feingold
Writer: Jonah Feingold, Maria Hinojos, Giovanni M. Porta
Release Date (Theaters): Feb 10, 2023 Limited
Runtime: 1h 40m
Distributor: Paramount+
AwareEarth Rating: 4.0/5

The Time Is Running Out

We live in a time of romantic comedies, so it might be difficult to choose between seeing a new one or going back to the old favorites. Fortunately, there are original movies on the way that try to develop and revitalize the romantic comedy genre while having fun with the concept.  Like At Midnight.

The film, starring Diego Boneta as Alejandro and Monica Barbaro as Sophie, shows us two people who are trapped in their own professional life and refuse to be open to the possibilities of love that are out there. Sophie is an actress who plays a major role in a superhero franchise. But when her on-screen love interest Adam (Anders Holm) betrays her. She needs to wait until the next episode in the series to figure out how to go on.

And it’s at that point that she meets Alejandro, who is trying to avoid falling in love with her while being informed he can’t date anybody who stays at the resort he manages. They depend on one another to help them come out of their shells and act morally, much like in one of those classic romantic comedies from the 1990s that so many of us were inspired by.

The film, which is set in Mexico, is incredibly beautiful, and viewing it in the dead of winter makes you want to travel somewhere cozy and inviting and wish that your own love story would take place there. Because of its lea, the film is entertaining and is a great choice for Valentine’s Day.

Diego Boneta and Monica Barbaro, An Amazing Couple

A romantic comedy is only as excellent as its main characters. And even though the movie benefits from all of the supporting roles and storylines, Boneta and Barbaro are what make it work. Without their commitment to their love story, Alejandro and Sophie could have felt forced into their relationship. We were fortunate to have two performers who could effectively portray their attraction and evolution.

It’s one of those movies that, regardless of your emotions, make you want to embrace love and the holiday. I usually despise Valentine’s Day since I’m a single woman. But watching At Midnight made me happy and I hope it will do the same for you.

The entire movie is charming. Although being a simple and sweet love story, we find ourselves on edge as we anticipate what will happen next. Watch At Midnight on Valentine’s Day if you want to appreciate the beauty of the Jonah Feingold film and fulfill your craving for romance!

And I intend to watch the superhero movies that Adam and Sophie are in primarily because I adore how dedicated Sophie seems to make them come to life honestly and completely.

At Midnight truly does come so close to nailing it, which is why it languishes peacefully with other almost-great rom-coms like Set It Up, Someone Great, and Ibiza. Hardcore fans of rom-coms will undoubtedly find something to adore in At Midnight. Overall, it’s a cheerful but ultimately forgettable production that cleans up a bit too nicely. More heart and messiness would have been beneficial.

At Midnight is now available on Paramount+.

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