Azizi, youngest calf of April the Giraffe dies at Texas zoo

Giraffe dies at Texas Zoo: 

Azizi, youngest calf of April the giraffe dies at Texas zoo. The 1 and half-year-old Azizi had an untreatable parasitic infection and so it died in a veterinary exam. Azizi’s got a twisted gut and so it died.

giraffe dies at Texas zoo, Azizi youngest calf of famous giraffe April dies.
Social media :

There were a lot of condolence messages for the caretakers of April and Azizi in the Texas zoo. The mother giraffe April shot to fame when her live birth was shot and circulated on social media. The baby giraffe dies at Texas zoo and so will be missed.

April the mother giraffe:

April was born in 2002 in an animal adventure park. She gained instant fame because she giving birth to Azizi was put on youtube, live. This was watched by 1.2 million viewers. Azizi was the youngest calf of April. The viral session on Youtube was sponsored by Toys R Us and Babies R Us. It was a fundraiser for animal welfare and gained almost double the money they had hoped for.

Retired life at the zoo:

The zoo authorities have decided to put April on birth control and lead a retired life with the other calves. Because of April and much Younger Oliver’s calf Azizi died, the vets felt more pregnancies will endanger April’s health.

Meanwhile, COVID 19 continues:

Corona is attacking not only the humans but the wildlife also. A tiger at New York’s Bronx Zoo has tested positive for Covid 19. The tiger contracted the virus from the caretaker at the zoo. The caretaker was asymptomatic at that time. Along with the tiger named Nadia, other lions and cubs have developed dry coughs and may recover fully. It’s important that we take care of our animals, as well,as they are an important part of our ecosystem.

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