Banksy Show Me The Monet painting sells for nearly $10 million

Show me the Monet:

Banksy Show me the Monet painting sells for nearly $10 million. Banksy’s take on the famous  Claude Monet masterpiece has earned him nearly 7.6 million pounds. It is the highest price a street artist can get. Sotheby said, a private Asian collector, has bought the painting.

Banksy Show me the Monet painting sells for nearly $10 million
Banksy Show me the Monet painting sells for nearly $10 million
The comparison: 

The original painting has a bridge over a pond with Lillies. Banksy has reimagined the painting with a modern-day take of polluted waters, traffic cones and shopping cart toppled over in the waters. The painting forces us to think about the current day problems of pollution.

Major artworks and technique: 

He uses a distinctive stenciling technique for his graffiti. Banksy does it all, graffiti, paintings, social and political activism, charity, and writing books. He also set up the dismal land modeled on Disney land for group shows. It shut down in 2015. His latest work includes a child chasing a burning tyre, in a  Bristol school, The Brexit mural and the dreamboat.

Banksy effect: 

Banksy hides his identity. No one knows for sure who is he but his paintings are the voice of the people in the modern-day world. The touchy problems like pollution, consumerism, racism, political and social issues, etc find a place in his paintings. As long as Banksy’s paintings emerge out of nowhere and speak for themselves, he finds support in millions. He has turned graffiti acceptable in mainstream art.

Banksy the philanthropist: 

His painting dreamboat was donated to help refugees in London raise funds for charity. He donated a painting called Gamechanger to a hospital, as a tribute to National health service workers during COVID 19 pandemic.


There are Banksy admirers and then there are critics. Peter Gibson a representative for Keep Britain tidy feels Banksy’s art is simple vandalism. Another representative from the same organization claims his art glorifies vandalism. The satirist Charlie Brooker feels his work looks clever only to idiots. Meanwhile, Banksy continues to doodle away.

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