Barnes & Noble Drops The Ball: Thousands of Nook Users Data Stolen in Cybersecurity Hack

Despite the fact that Nook is hardly relevant anymore in the shadow of Amazon Kindle and Kobo, the Barnes & Noble product is still loved and used (despite what we may actually hear) by tons of users all around the world. And they were pretty loyal, until this recent little incident.

Okay, so it wasn’t that little. The bookseller revealed recently to its remaining customers that there was a major security breach. Uh-oh. The news was that corporate systems failed, and ended up being swindled by a cybersecurity attack. Bigger uh-oh. This attack lead to hackers getting a ton of important information about B&N’s customers. Emails, addresses, all that kind of line of information. That’s a pretty big uh-oh.

Although, it could be worse. No financial information leaked in this entire process, so that’s good. According to Barnes & Noble, this sort of important information is locked away by encryptions and other such precautions. Too bad they couldn’t have done that for the rest of the very important information instead of doing just the bare minimum. Even then, we aren’t sure if this information was actually protected. Encrypted data can always be decrypted.

Barnes & Noble Talks, Users Won’t Be Happy

Barnes & Noble did admit one thing that was negative about the entire incident, however. The hackers took two prime info pieces, as Barnes revealed earlier this week. The user’s emails and the purchase transactions. Both pieces stand as useful tools for phishing and other such malicious targeting from scam companies. Debate rises still in the air if the email accounts exist as hacked ones. All of that depends on the user’s email security level, so we can’t be sure.

Among other things, the hackers also could have stolen billing information. That means shipping addresses, phone numbers, just about anything that you need to make a standard purchase on the internet. This is a huge risk that could mean anything from scam calls to your phone every hour of the day to someone trying to buy something with your credit card. Really big uh-oh for Nook, and it may just be a blow that tanks them for good in this subtle e-reader competition market.

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