Becky G, Ozuna Collaborate on New Song ‘No Drama’.

Becky G, Ozuna Collaborate ‘No Drama’:

Becky G, Ozuna Collaborate on New Song ‘No Drama’.Mike Ho has directed the song and Hydro and Elof Loelv have produced it. There is a lot of drama in everyone’s life. Everyone prefers a little less of it and so this fact inspires the song ‘No Drama’.


Ozuna and Becky G

Becky G feels Ozuna has a great voice and so she likes his music.  She always felt that if they collaborate, something amazing will result. Finally Becky G, Ozuna Collaborate ‘No Drama’ happened. The song features  Becky G and Ozuna jumping around excitedly in natural settings such as mountains, boulders, deserts, etc.

Becky G :

She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. In 2011,  Becky G or Rebecca Gomez started uploading her videos on popular songs online. Immediately she started gaining popularity. Her video caught the attention of  Dr. Luke, a music producer. On her debut effort itself, she worked with artists like, Cody Simpson, Cher Lloyd, etc. Her songs such as Betty From The Block, Can’t Get Enough, Play It Again, Pitbull, topped Latin American charts.


Juan Carles is professionally Ozuna and is a Latin Trap singer. He collaborates with various artists and sings in various genres such as Reggae, Bachata, and EDM. Various artists like Cardi B, Selena Gomez, DJ snake have collaborated with him to give hit music. Now Becky G and Ozuna have teamed up for ‘No Drama’. He won 5 Billboard music awards, 12 Latin Billboard music awards, and 4 Guinness World records. His famous work includes Taki Taki, Nibiru, Enoc, etc.

Meanwhile speaking of Collaborations:

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