Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans a little over a week ago, ranking in more than $2 million on the subscription platform

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans just over a week ago, raking on the subscription site at more than $2 million. The news hasn’t been going well with the sex workers on the social media platform making their living. Thorne joined Only Fans earlier this month.

Bella Thorne
Thorne joined OnlyFans

The popularity of Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans leads to serious financial implications for sex workers, who depend on the income platform. In much less than a week after she released her OnlyFans website, the actress and pornography director broke records by making $2 million. Though she said she wouldn’t post nudity; on Thursday she sent her subscribers a Pay-Per – View (PPV) letter, allegedly announced as a nude photo, pricing it as $200.

When fans paid the fee and opened the file, they were treated to a seemingly topless picture of Thorne. Thorne was seen covering her breasts in the picture. Frustrated at the lack of nudity, those who paid charges on their credit cards for the photo wanted OnlyFans to refund the viewing fee of $200 to them.

After the incident, OnlyFans workers started overlapping their PPV messages at $50. They also allowed their creators to collect tips of up to $ 100 only. Moreover, developers in certain countries will only be able to remove their revenue from OnlyFans, previously held 7 days after viewers paid for their content for 30 days.

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Thorne launched her account to allow the creators to monetize their content based on a tiered subscription structure similar to Patreon. But the proliferation of “civilian” creators — a term used by sex workers to refer to people who do not do sex work — has raised issues within the sex work community because OnlyFans is already very competitive.

Although OnlyFans’ novelty normalizes sex work in a society otherwise conservative, it also saturates the market and makes it harder for Black, LGBTQ, and other marginalized identity sex workers to make a living

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