Best File transferring app

The best file transferring app of 2020 so far is without doubt Files by Google. Many such apps exist and are capable transferring a simple document files to entire copy of the mobile device. Yet none of them are at the same level as Files by Google.

What Are File Transfer and Sharing Apps

File transfer and sharing apps are mobile device programs that enable the transfer of data. They do this specifically between one mobile device another. These apps can also transfer data from a mobile device to clouds storage. As they have developed along with the advance of mobile devices new features have been added. These features improve functionality apps and by extension the mobile devices they are attached to.

Best File Transferring app for Android

Files by Google is a file sharing and management app for Android. First launched by Google in 2017 it has grown popular in the last three years. It is best known for its file transfer capabilities. It also has additional features that can improve the functionality of an android device. The app is so popular it has been released in 90 different versions. Its primary drawback is its unique nature limits its used to Android devices only. It’s most recent updates for 2020 make it the best file transferring app of the year.

Features of Files by Google

Files by Google has numerous features beyond its data transfer ability. One of the most useful features is the cleaning recommendation. This feature recommends files or allows you to select files that can be deleted. These files include old photos and memos from messaging apps. It will also allow you to delete duplicated files, junk files, and clear the devices cache. This will increase not just the devices memory but also its performance. Part of this feature is ease of use; the developers make sure to simplify everything. It set up so you select what you want without any confusing language causing mistakes.

File management

Another useful feature that make it the best file transferring app is its file management. It will organize the data on the phone to use filters rather than folders organization. It will intuitively organize videos, photos, and other documents on the device. Then when you want to find something to do is enter the search term. All the items that don’t match will be filtered out. It’s also possible to just look through the files manually by category and file. this feature also allows you to rename, move, or share any file on the device. Makes tracking down a video that you downloaded a few weeks ago as simple as tapping a few buttons. Yet another reason why it is the Best File transferring app of 2020.


Files by Google also allows any filed to be backed up onto the cloud. Simply select the file in question from the files. Then back it up to Google Drive or any other desired cloud storage. This way you can save a file virtually forever without taking up space on your phone. The app also allows for easy storage of files on SD cards. Once you have cleaned up all the data on your phone you can transfer the remainder on to the SD. This will allow you to keep the store data readily available. While at the same time free up additional internal storage on the device. The result of either backup is a device that is functioning faster.

What is the fastest file transfer app for Android in 2020?

There are many new filesharing and transfer apps for 2020. Many like SHAREit have improved their transfer time by 200 times. Which means that it is transferring data at about 20MB/s. Though this is an impressive rate it doesn’t hold a candle to be improvements made to Files by Google. Files by Google has a transfer speed of up to 35 MB/sec. Though it is capable of up to 480 Mbps.

It manages to achieve this by directly connecting to another device that has the app. As a benefit that means no mobile data is used. The data is transferred over secure Wi-Fi between the devices. files are encrypted before they are sent as an added security measure. The devices use Bluetooth to set up the encryption. Then direct Wi-Fi link between them to send the data. Using this method large data packets such as videos, pictures, or even other apps can be sent. Thus, Files by Google allows the user to send secure information to a new device or even friends. This is why it is the best file transferring app

How to Use Files by Google to Transfer Files from one Android to Another Android?

Using Files by Google to transfer files from one Android device to the next is a relatively simple procedure. First make sure both devices have the app downloaded. Next on the device that has the files you wish to transfer log into the app. Choose the files you wish to transfer to the other device. On the second device set up a wireless connection first. to do this go to settings on the second device and then select wireless network. Have the second device search for a wireless connection. Then select the device name for the first android device and tap connect.

Once the connection is established you can initiate the transfer from the first device. To do this initiate the transfer on the first device. Then in the app on the second identify the file being transferred and select it. The transfer will initiate and usually takes somewhere between a few seconds to a couple of minutes. The specific amount of time will depend on files being transferred. Still that is impressive considering that earlier variations of data transfer apps use Bluetooth. Since Bluetooth is not designed for large-scale data transfer data packets would take anywhere from 1 to 7 minutes.

Final Words

So, in the final analysis Files by Google is the top data transfer app of 2020. It has the fastest transfer rate for data of any of its competition. Then it’s data management system not only sorts the data allows for the removal of junk copies. Its feature of encrypting the data transfer ensures security of the files. All this combined with the improvements to the app since its release make it the best file transferring app. If it has one drawback is that it can only be used on an Android device.

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