Best Injury Lawyers in Toronto

In our study, personal injury law covers all types of physical and psychological harm sustained in a variety of situations, with the exception of medical negligence, which is covered in a different poll. Road traffic and street accidents, occupiers’ liability, uninsured losses, spinal, brain, and serious injuries, death and dependency cases, public liability, product liability, sports injuries, and catastrophic multiparty litigation like air disasters are all included in the profession.

Most popularly cited personal injury lawyers for plaintiffs.

Patrick Brown

Law firm: McLeish Orlando LLP

Year called to the bar: 1993

Patrick Brown is a partner in the firm he also owns, McLeish Orlando LLP. He has been standing out for those who have been severely hurt or wrongly killed for more than 20 years. The Law Society of Ontario has recognized Brown as an expert in civil litigation. He got the TCAT Active Transportation Champion of the Year award and started the Ontario Coroners review of pedestrian and cyclist deaths. In addition, Brown received the 2018 Professional Award from the Ontario Brain Injury Association as well as the Safety Award of Excellence from the Ontario Safety League. Brown is a committee member of Friends & Families for Safe Streets and a former director of Cycle Toronto. She also founded Bike Law Canada.

Charles E. Gluckstein

Law firm: Gluckstein Lawyers

Year called to the bar: 1999

A partner at Gluckstein Lawyers is Charles E. Gluckstein. He specializes in civil litigation, which includes issues including occupier’s liability, medical and professional negligence, motor vehicle claims, and personal injury. Gluckstein possesses in-depth knowledge of all relevant car laws, offering dependable expertise in all aspects of conflict settlement. He is known in the medical and disability communities for his strong support. From 2013 to 2014, Gluckstein served as the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association’s president.

Richard C. Halpern

Law firm: Gluckstein Lawyers

Year called to the bar: 1984

Senior counsel at Gluckstein Lawyers is Richard C. Halpern. He only represents injured parties in medical malpractice lawsuits, with an emphasis on newborns who sustain injuries at or shortly after birth. Halpern is an authority on cases of birth injuries. He has more than 30 years of expertise working with clients who have been gravely injured. Halpern has a reputation for taking on some of the toughest and most difficult medical negligence matters. He has provided multiple lectures and authored in-depth articles on topics including obstetrics, what causes newborn injuries, general medical malpractice, and trial tactics.

Duncan N. Embury

Law firm: Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers

Year called to the bar: 1996

At Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers, Duncan N. Embury is a partner and the head of the medical malpractice group. He primarily represents plaintiffs in situations involving all types of medical malpractice, such as obstetrical and surgical negligence. Moreover, Embury represents plaintiffs in all forms of serious personal injury cases, including those alleging institutional negligence, occupier’s liability, car accidents, and product liability. He deals with complicated multi-jurisdictional matters to help people of Ontario get compensation when their injuries happened in another country. In complex medical negligence matters, Embury has handled them on behalf of the other lawyers during both trial and appeal. He frequently speaks and presents for the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, Ontario Bar Association, and Law Society of Ontario in all aspects of medical negligence. Embury has been approved by the LSO as a specialist in civil litigation.

Darcy R. Merkur

Law firm: Thomson Rogers

Year called to the bar: 2000

Partner at Thomson Rogers is Darcy R. Merkur. He is a trauma lawyer who helps accident victims and their families after upsetting incidents like severe car accidents. The Law Society of Ontario has qualified Merkur as a specialist in civil litigation. Merkur is the first lawyer in Canada to be certified by the Brain Injury Association of America as a brain injury specialist. In recognition of his excellent legal writing, ongoing legal education, and leadership efforts, he also received the 2011 Dean Edgell Award from the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.

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