Blackpink: Light Up the Sky’ Review

Blackpink Light Up the Sky: It is a documentary about Kpop’s biggest girl group. In 2016 YG entertainment launched an all-girls K pop group. Caroline Suh is the director of the documentary. It starts with the four nervous girls meeting the journalists.

BlackPink Lights Up the Sky documentary on Netflix
BlackPink Lights Up the Sky K-pop documentary on Netflix

The black pink documentary doesn’t follow the usual success formula of movies. The Blackpink Light Up the Sky introduces the individuals Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa and does a good job of it. Apart from the grueling training, there are honest answers about these stars.

The success of Black pink: It is a long time since Kpop had an all girl’s band. On top of it, they are a fun, playful but mature group. Their lyrics make the fans good about themselves.

The leader of BlackPink Jennie: During the initial stages Jennie was positioned as a leader as she could dance well, had good looks, and trained the longest.

The beauty that is Lisa: All of them are pretty and head-turners but Lisa seems to be the prettiest.

Blackpink Light Up the Sky features these girl’s dreams, struggles they had to go through before they became mega-stars. The cast of the documentary includes these k-pop stars as self with other supporting actors. Netflix is releasing it.

Director Caroline Suh: She hopes that this documentary humanizes these mega-stars because it captures their vulnerable moments. Suh says that there is a contrast between the girl’s persona onstage and in real life. Her previous movie Frontrunners was released in 2008.

The promotions: Before the release of the film, Blackpink had a global conference with the director from Seoul. Because of COVID 19 pandemic, the promotions were online.

Other documentaries: Netflix has other documentaries shows like QB1: Beyond the lights. It’s a story about 3 quarterbacks players before they played at the college level.

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