Elvira: The Omega Ma’am, Peterson On Writing Her Own Character

Peterson is Going To Write Elvira: The Omega Ma’am

Elvira: The Omega Ma’am is all set to launch this Halloween. The most amazing factor with this new comic Peterson will co-author the new comic.

Peterson for many years is playing the character of Elvira and now she will write for her own character. She will write the comic with David Avallone and artist Dave Acosta. The comic is launching in a collaboration with Dynamite.

Dynamite kick starts the campaign already. They raised approx $32,000 for Elvira: The Omega Ma’am. And is 5 times that their original goal of $6,666. The comic is the center of attraction already.

However, The Elvira comic series is always popular among comic lovers. Quality and colorful prints attract people widely. Peterson aka Elvira is very much excited for the new comic and the character she will right herself.

Popularity Of Elvira: The Omega Ma’am

The 48 pages comic Elvira: The Omega Ma’am starts with Alvira wake up from a short coma. She called sick because of a hairspray overdose. She wakes up to discover herself in a deserted Los Angeles.

No one was there and seemed she is the only human alive and succeed to survived the disaster. Along with her, there were also zombies out there in the city. Seemed to have a DNA change and mutation which changes their nature and way of life.

Good Time To Release

Elvira: The Omega Ma’am shows her as the only sex symbol on the earth and was searching for a place to sip coffee. She did not find any and experienced a lot of filthy behavior on her way.

Elvira: The Omega Ma'am
Peterson as Elvira

Elvira is associated with the comic series for nearly 35 years and now landed into really creative work. Like the other comic series, this also happens to be a huge success from the Dynamite group.

The comic is a bland of Horror, comedy, and drama, and is this the best time to launch in this Halloween season.

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