Ghostbusters Halloween: Virtual Twist to Classic

Fans get to celebrate early with Ghostbusters Halloween. It’s a virtual twist to classic Halloween trick and treats. Since this pandemic has halted all the normal, everyone has found a new normal. And it seems Halloween will also happen with a twist. Really not a surprise after every other shock in 2020. But this twist seems like a really cool one.

While we may not be able to celebrate as we did in the past, Halloween is still time for joy and celebration. And this year everyone coming up with new and fresh ways to do things. So Ferrara got creative and carefully choose its partner in crime. Yes, Folks! Ferrara and Sony entertainment are collaborating to develop a VR ghost hunting game. They are combining traditional trick or treat with Ghostbusters. And Voila you have a ghostbusters Halloween!

Hunting Ghosts From Home

Ferrara is the largest manufacturer of Halloween staple Candy corn. And The Haunted Candy Hunt is its first AR game. Well, the game isn’t the only new thing they are launching this Halloween, they are introducing some new treats too. The new candies include Brach’s Mellowcreme Caramel Apples, Skulls & Bones, Turkey Dinner Candy Corn, and some more.

Gostbusters halloween
“The haunted Candy Hunt”

To play this new game you just have to log in to a link. And then troll around your house and search for classic 1980 ghosts from Ghostbusters. But Ferrara has also introduced a ghost of their the Sweeter The Ferrara candy ghost. Well, it is named aptly. The excitement doesn’t end here; players can virtually capture the ghost to win awesome prizes each week. The exciting prizes include Hasbro™ Ghostbusters Plasma Series and Kenner Series newly-released action figures – as well as a grand prize of a Sony® Home Theater Package. With Sony, cutting-edge technology users will really have an immersive experience. Well, Happy Ghostbusters Halloween.

This is a really amazing way to give families a new way to celebrate Halloween. Ghostbusters was an iconic movie enjoyed by many and combining the tradition of trick or treat with it, Genius! Pure genius and a great idea. We really like this collaboration and would definitely catch some ghosts.

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