British Airways fined £20m for data breach that affected 400,000 customers

British Airways fined 20 million pounds that is about 1,89,12,48,214.40 Indian rupees. Unauthorised information breached by the company is the reason for the fine. The data contains information on more than 400,00 customers.

The Information Commissioner’s Office had British Airways fined. The company of unable to protect the data and financial details of thousands of customers. A similar incident occurred in 2018. About 429,612 costumers and staff members’ information accessed. Also, the information contains names, dates, home addresses, bank numbers and card verification value numbers. As a result, in access to such information, millions of pounds could vanish.

British Airways fined £20m by The Information Commissioner’s Office:

British Airways fined

Investigators from Information Commissioner’s Office claim that British Airways has weak security. Sources say that the hacking activity wast not detected until recently. The shaking is going on for two months.

Seeing the current situation, the Information Commissioner’s Office is saying that British Airways should have resolved this problem in 2018. In other words, British Airlines did not fix their issues with data protection. This caused the history to repeat itself. Therefore, it is safe to say that British Airways broke the data protection law twice within three years.

Information Commissioner’s Office found many minor issues with the security system. Consequently, they were even questioning if the hack was ever going to be detected. Apparently, the company kept saying that this was a “severe failing” issue.

With the resources that were given to British Airways in 2018, should have been enough for data protection in the recent incident.

Elizabeth Denham, the information commissioner, says “People entrusted their personal details to BA and BA failed to take adequate measures to keep those details secure,”.

As a result, many people will stop utilising British Airlines. Long term customers will also avoid the company to be safe from hacking.

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