Jagged Little Pill’ musical Leads Tony awards nomination with 15 nodes

Tony awards nominations: Jagged Little Pill’s musical, leads the Tony awards nomination with 15 nods. It’s Alanis Morissette’s album which tells the story of an American family that spirals out of control. Broadway community took the first steps to celebrate a pandemic shortened season.

Jagged pill leads Tony awards with 15 nominations
Jagged pill leads Tony awards with 15 nominations

The nominations are for musicals like Jagged little pill, Moulin Rouge: The Musical, Tina – The Tina Turner Musical. The best plays nominations are like Grand Horizons, The Inheritance, Sea wall /A life, Slave play, and The sound inside.

The COVID 19 Pandemic: They honored Tom kitt for orchestration of The Jagged Little pill. Tom thanked Alanis Morissette and the team. He also expressed his regret over the many shows that he could not open because of the COVID19 pandemic.

The jagged pill story: The musical deals with emotions like pain, healing, and empowerment. The story begins with the character Mary Jane Healy writing a letter at Christmas about her seemingly perfect Family. Though all seems to be great about her husband, her two children, and herself, she is hiding a lot of pain and imperfections about her family. The story of the musical is extremely realistic and engaging till the end.

The jagged pill sweeping off 15 nominations nods for Tony awards is a great achievement but Moulin Rouge is not far behind with 14 nods. The lead producer of the musical Moulin Rouge expressed his feelings as bittersweet because of COVID 19.

The Tina Turner Musical is about the star Tina Turner’s life. This musical sweeps 12 nods.

The artists, directors, and producers all are awaiting the COVID 19 to end because only then the Theatres can function normally. Their whole lives revolve around their plays, musicals, and theatre.

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