Google’s hum to search tool: Hum To Google And Track The Song Stuck In Your Head

Google's hum to search tool
What's The Song Google

Google’s hum to search tool Is In Your Rescue

Google introduced new features to its Google search feature. The new feature is for all the song lovers who keeping humming songs. Who don’t for them as well. Google’s hum to search tool and make your life a step easier.

Well, Google in his launch event introduced the most fun feature of the decade. And users can keep mum to hum on Google’s hum to search tool. A fun feature and useful as well.

So, the new feature introduced by Google basically gets you the song stuck in your head but unable to recall. Interesting right! Yes, this seems impossible to make come-up with such a feature but Google just made it.

Just Hum The Song Stuck

No more anxiety because of the stuck song in your head. Google introduced the search tool years back and Google’s hum to search tool is just an addition to that. Till now one needs to tell it in words to search for the song.

But now you just need to hum for 10-15 seconds and Google will get you the list of songs with the matching melody. And within seconds you can relax your brain by getting the song you are searching for.

Google's hum to search tool
Hum To Google

In your Android device just update the new version of Google or add the widget from the gallery. In the same Googe search box, you need to hum to get the song of your choice.

Indeed A Great Feature!

Google used the most advanced technology for the feature and is most reliable. The latest feature is able to catch the melody of your tone and get you the preferred song list. You don’t even need to hum in a perfect tone.

Even the new technology can recognize your whistle and instrumental sound as well. It’s great to feature introduced by Google and helpful for many.

No more stuck song, just get in touch with Google’s hum to search tool!

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