WhatsApp New Features to roll out soon

New Tone to be introduced

WhatsApp new features are rolling out every now and then. The social media messaging app is always up for new development for users satisfaction. It is on report that WhatsApp soon to come up with new tones for call terminate and group calls.

The app now using a common tone for all the incoming call but there is no tone for call terminate. They might soon introduce some good tone for group calls and terminate.

WhatsApp a few times earlier introduced a message expiring features. They rolled the feature in their beta version. Fans can use the feature in WhatsApp beta still further development. WhatsApp is still working in the feature which will allow users to set a message to be expired in 7 days.

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This is an all-new feature introduced by WhatsApp which will be helpful for many users. There are certain messages users do not want to be in the chatbox for longer. Now user can opt for deleting such messages in 7 days.


They are still working in the feature and that is still in a development stage. WhatsApp may soon launch the feature for all the users out there.

In recent time WhatsApp has worked on its video call and audio call features. And both the features are the great successor of the company. WhatsApp might do some more development in the group calls where they might include some new features for great user experience.

Along with the message expiring feature, the call terminates tone and group calls tone to roll up soon to its users. Though there are still not any development on the tone-setting Message expiring might come earlier.

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