Tony Pollard Rising Star in Two Realities

Tony Pollard has already had an impressive rookie year despite being the back up for Dallas Cowboy running back Ezekiel Elliott. His performance last year far out shined any and all expectations for a rookie year in the NFL. Not only did this effect his standings in the actual football season but also his ranking in the fantasy football league. As a result, he’s now one of the most highly anticipated to improve second year players in both worlds.

What is Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is essentially a game in which the players take on the role of a general manager for a fictional American Football team. The participants pick their teams from a draft of all NFL players with their relevant statistics. Points are awarded based on real world statistics, that is to say on how the players on the fantasy team do in the real world.

So, say a real-world player like Ezekiel’s a top ranked running back were to starts fumble. Every football his stats would begin to fall which would result in a loss of his point in the fantasy league. Fantasy football leagues are centered around fell though they can also include Canadian Football league and College leagues.

Though the origins of Fantasy Football can be traced back as far as the 1960s. The modern variation came about in 1997 when CBS launched a website for fantasy football. After that it just grew in popularity to the point where almost every major news agency, sports websites, or official league has a fantasy football website.

Tony pollard

The game’s popularity has grown to the point where there are three basic variations of Fantasy Football. There’s the Traditional version which pretty much follows real world games and events up to the playoffs. The Dynasty version of the game is essentially the same as traditional. Except for the fact that players are not retired in the fantasy game when their real-life counterparts are.

So, a player who has been retired for years in real life could still be playing in fantasy. Finally, there is the Daily Fantasy Football variation. This variation of the game sees the events of an entire season condensed into a week or even a single day.

Tony Pollard the rookie

So why is Tony pollard suddenly so big in the fantasy football leagues? To answer that we need to take a look at his real-life football career. His NFL career began in 2019 as a fourth-round draft for the Dallas Cowboys. In the course of his first season with the Cowboys he racked up an impressive number of stats, specifically scoring three touchdowns and running a total of 455 rushing yards.

Many commentators pointed out he might have ranked up more yards had he no been the backup to Ezekiel Elliott a running back for the Cowboy’s. Though he still has a way to go before he reaches Ezekiel’s level the chances are good that Tony will have a chance. Whatever the case for 2020 season for Tony looks to be one full of promise both in real life and fantasy football.

Tony Pollard in fantasy

The results of his rookie season in the fantasy leagues were startling. His point value in the leagues had started out at about six and was projected to drop below the average point value of five. The actual point value he had was lower due to the fact he had actually played a game until week three when his point values skyrocketed due to his performance in the game.

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After that is value moved like a roller coaster in the fantasy leagues with highs being the other two major games he played. With fantasy football being a reflection of real life, this shows the great potential Tony has in football. As a result, many Fantasy Football players have been talking about choosing him to be a handcuffed running back.

The term handcuff in fantasy football refers to a backup player who is already designated to replace the primary player should something happen. To use Elliott as an example again, if something were to occur that would force him out for the rest of the season then in the fantasy leagues Tony as the designated handcuff would take over as the running back for the team.

What exactly this means

Since fantasy football players point values are based off the stats ranked up by their real-life counterparts the better the stats in real-life the greater their value in the fantasy league. Due to the point value Tony gained in his rookie season and his potential to equal or surpass that in the future especially with the coming season.

This makes him an exciting and sought-after choice as a backup in the Fantasy Football leagues. Some would probably ask, why not choose him as a primary player? Again, the answer is his stats or rather the lack of them. Though he racked up an impressive number of statistics in his rookie season they are still well behind other running backs in the NFL.

So, at the moment it’s a safer choice to have him as a backup where he can rack up stats until he’s needed. In a few years if he continues to demonstrate the same skill level and by extension gaining more stats in the real world; then he would be an ideal first for any team in both worlds.

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