Brooklyn rapper Rowdy Rebel is out of prison, Just around Holidays!

Rowdy Rebel out of prison:

Rowdy Rebel out of prison after 4 years. He was in prison since 2016. However, Bobby shmurda his partner in crime has one more year left to serve. They were in prison for multiple charges.

Let’s see details of why they were in prison for more than 4 years.

Legal issue :

Rowdy Rebel is a Member of GS9. Back in 2014, they were charged with attempted murder, possession of illegal weapons and drugs. At first, Rebel denied all charges but in exchange for around 7 years of imprisonment, he pleaded guilty. However he is out on parole, and he will be completely free around December 2021.

Along with Rowdy Rebel Bobby shmurda another member of GS9 was also found guilty and have to serve in prison for one more year.

Rowdy Rebel career as a Rapper:

Rowdy Rebel out of prison and Bobby shmudra has one year left
Rowdy Rebel out of prison and Bobby shmurda still has one year left

Rebel along with other members of GS9 born and raised in Brooklyn so most of their songs reflect their childhood memories and the block they grew up.
At the start of his career Rebel has made quite a name for himself. He released several tracks. Even some are with his fellow GS9 member Bobby shmurda.

However Recently, In 2020 Rowdy Rebel has released a song called  “Make it Rain” with late Rappers Pop smoke. People like this song and it landed top 50 on the Billboard music chart. Now that Rowdy Rebel is out of prison maybe he can enjoy this success even after 6 months.


  • Brooklyn based Rapper Rowdy Rebel out of prison just around the holiday.
  • His fellow Rapper Bobby shmurda who was also in prison will serve one more year in prison.
  • All members of GS9 including rebel and Bobby pleaded guilty for illegal possession of weapons, drugs, and attempt to murder.
  • Rowdy Rebel is released after 4 years and is out on parole which will end in December 2021.
  • His song “Make it Rain” released in 2020 along with late rapper pop smoke.

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