Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O Hospitalised just after starting ‘Jackass 4’

Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O Hospitalised :

Jackass 4 stars Johnny Knoxville and Steve-o Hospitalised. In less than a week of filming it has stopped again. As these 2 actors injured while doing some stunts.

Jackass 4 has been delaying since its announcement. Jackass 4 shooting was scheduled in early 2020. But due to an ongoing pandemic and lockdown, it got delayed like everything else in the world.

Jackass 4 :

Jackass 4 will be based on the show Jackass where cast members perform various stunts and pranks each other. This show has a signed movie deal with paramount pictures. The deal includes 5 films in the jackass franchise.

The third season ended with many complaints as it included life-threatening stunts and pranks. You can say this show got canceled. After the third season of the series ended. Now that Jackass 4 announced in December last year. There have been several delays in the series filming.
However, the show has always been controversial for its stunt, now that cast members got injured it’s time to rethink safety precautions.

How to cast members got injured:

johnny Knoxville and Steve-0 got hospitalized after getting injured while jumping on a treadmill (full in speed) with band equipment. This is updated by Bam Margera stunt artist, skateboarder, and fellow cast member of Jackass.

Johnny Knoxville and Steve-o hospitalised
Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O hospitalized

Important Dates and delays :

As mentioned above paramount pictures announced Jackass 4 in December 2019. The shooting was to be started in early 2020. As that got delayed. Now that filming resumed Actors got injured. When shooting will resume again it is not clear yet.

However, it is important to note that jackass 4 is scheduled to release in 2021. Hope it will not miss that mark and injured actors will recover soon.
Fans are eagerly waiting for their early recovery.

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  • 2020 can be considered as years of bad news. Jackass 4 Actors Johnny Knoxville and Steve-o Hospitalised.
  • They injured themselves while performing stunts on full speed treadmill.
  • Because of this filming stopped just after 2 days they started
  • The release date of jackass 4 is early 2021. It is important to see will it able to release on a given date.
  • Filming for Jackass 4 delayed several times, because of corona and now actors are injured.

We can only hope for their speedy recovery.