Fall Guys Season 3 is coming, and the final stage is going to blow your beans off

Fall Guys Season 3 is upon us fellow beans, and things are going to get real freezy. With the holidays approaching, every game is getting a wintery makeover, and this little game is no exception. That’s right, your dusty little fun game in the corner? Wintery until January.

I sure do feel bad for everyone in the southern hemisphere sometimes.

But, nevertheless, the winter update is coming with snow and snow beans whether we like it or not. So below we’re going to give you all the details we have about the update that you probably already know. But still. It’s always nice to review!

What will Fall Guys Season 3 hold?

Fall Guys Season 3

The developers Mediatonic is adding a winter theme to the entire season. That’s right, you’re getting this winterfest for an entire..one month, two months? The Fall Guys seasons are notoriously short. The season’s going to include things like new costumes, new stages, and even new ways you can bully your friends to get that crown before they do. Implying you have any that is.

This update will include stages like Tundra Run and Ski Fall. There will be winter themed obstacles and goals. On one stage you can chase down penguins while being a penguin yourself. Holding on to them, giving them a little hug if you will, gets you points. If that isn’t a fun game, I don’t know what is.

Between thisΒ  and the new slippery ice covered stages, we’re all set for this new season. Both in the game and in the next actual season, we’re going to be seeing some real seasonal cheer. And what a better thing for a cute game about bean men?

I can’t think of things much better for Fall Guys right now.

This Fall Guys Season 3 will commence on December 15th, and after the first two seasons, we’ll get to see more varying things than ever.