Heroes star Leonard Roberts Claims Racism, Co-star Led to his series Exit.

Leonard Robert claims Racism:

“Heroes” star Leonard Roberts claims Racism on the show. Alleges co-star Ali Larter for his series exit.

Racism in any way is just not acceptable. If you are fired just because you are black this just not acceptable. It can only give you lower self-esteem. However, anything is not confirmed yet from Ali larters side or from the production of the show.

Let’s see the whole story and how Leonard Roberts felt about Racism.

On-screen couple’s off-screen conflict?

It is to be noted here that Leonard Roberts and Ali Larter were an on-screen couple in the show. And Robert’s character was killed at the beginning of the second season.
The reason is given: Lack of chemistry between the couple.
Leonard Roberts said Ali Larter refused to shoot an intimate scene with him. While on the other hand, she seems comfortable doing the same kind of scene with other fellow actors.

Leonard Roberts claims Racism
Leonard Roberts claims Racism

No black staff behind the camera?

We are living in the 21st century but issues like equal pay, racism, anti-feminism, and transphobia are just not going away. When we begin to think about the world’s reforming, then again we got another incident which makes us wonder is this modern world?

Out of all Roberts written in an Essay, the second most shocking thing in his claim is there was no black staff for the whole series. If one person behind the camera would have supported him. He may have got many more opportunities and wouldn’t have to be fired just because of some white superiority.

Leonard Roberts and Ali Larter’s character in “Heroes”:

Without even taking names Roberts said everything about his bad experiences and encounters. As we all know D.L Hawkins and his wife Niki always shared tense relationships. Which is not so different from off-screen.

However, Niki was also killed in season 2 while trapped in a building that caught fire.

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  • Leonard Roberts claims Racism on the set of Heroes.
  • Alleges co-star (Ali Larter) for his series exit.
  • However he does not take any names but it is clear, about who he was talking about.
  • He also revealed that there was no black staff behind the camera.