Sandra Lee moves out of home, she once shared with Andrew Cuomo.

Sandra Lee moves out :

Sandra lee moves out of Home once she shared with Andrew Cuomo. The couple splits in September 2019. After more than a year she officially moved.
See more details about this house and her relationship with Andrew Cuomo.

Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo:

Sandra and Andrew had a fairytale kind of relation. They lived with each other for 14 years. Celebrity chef Sandra and Governor Andrew started dating way back in 2005. Andrew met Sandra when he is going through a rough patch while his divorce was finalizing. It took no time to click right after meeting with each other.

After that, they began living together and Andrew’s children accepted her. They appeared on her cooking show several times. However, they were never married in more than a decade long relationship. But they shared many memories which can’t be explained.

Sandra lee moves out
Sandra lee moves out

Why did they broke up:

The reason for their separation is not known clearly. But news of their separation did not come as a total shock because there were lots of rumors about their separation. In September 2019 Sandra lee and gov. Andrew Cuomo has officially confirmed their separation. But Her fans think that Sandra was ready to take criticisms that political wives have to go through.

Now Sandra lee moves out of their house seems like it’s time to move on for both of them.

Their home for 14 years:

In an Instagram post, it was confirmed that she is leaving her home for 14 years. She said it was very difficult for her to make this decision to sell her vintage style 4 bedrooms spacious house. Moreover, it has many memories with her former partner Andrew Cuomo. And now leaving this behind is obviously tough for her.

However, Sandra lee moves out at the end and decided to look forward and move on after a year of their separation.

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  • Sandra lee moves out of the Home she shared with Governor Andrew Cuomo.
  • Lee took this decision after their separation in September 2019.
  • She reveals it was a tough decision for her but it is better to move forward