BTOB Jung Ilhoon Revealed to Have Spent over $90k on Marijuana

K-pop band BtoB has again hit the headlines, and this time it is not regarding the music. In a recent investigation, it has been revealed that BtoB member Jung Il-hoon has spent over $90,340 on buying marijuana. Reports also revealed that he also shared marijuana with his friends. He has accepted to have spent the amount over four to five years. Jung Il-hoon was taken into custody by the Korean Police for consuming marijuana several times. He is currently facing the charges for violating the Narcotics Control Act of Korea. The Narcotics Control Act deals with the smoking, trading and carrying of the narcotic. The case for consuming drugs against Jung Ilhoon and his friends was passed on for persecution in July. The drug charges were then invoked against them.

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Now in a recent move, the Korean media claimed that Ilhoon has spent over 100 million won for buying marijuana. It has also been claimed that he also transferred the amount in his friends’ account to get it converted into cryptocurrency. They did so to avoid any police interference. The police have been investigating Ilhoon since the beginning of this year. The police reached these conclusions by examining the account details of Ilhoon and his partners. The police, then affirmed that they have been involved in smoking marijuana for four or five years.

Jung Ilhoon
Jung Ilhoon is under investigation for buying and smoking marijuana

They also detected drugs in forensic samples. As per the reports, he began smoking marijuana when he was a promoting member of the band BtoB. BtoB’s entertainment agency, Club Entertainment also confirmed the news of Ilhoon being investigated by the police for buying and consuming marijuana. It released a statement. Fans have shown support for him on Twitter and other social media networks. But on the other hand, some fans also believe that now it will be hard for Jung Ilhoon to restore the image and regain respect. They still hope that the news is not true.