ByteDance accuses Facebook of plagiarism

ByteDance accuses Facebook of plagiarism and character smears of TikTok which they own. The accusations appeared in a news app that ByteDance. The company when asked did not give any specific example of the charges it leveled against Facebook. However, the company did states that the post was meant for their domestic Chinese readers. The post also stated that the company is been committed to becoming a global company despite the challenges it has faced. Some of these challenges they have stated include clashes with different cultures, political tensions, and plagiarism. Additionally, it is important to note that ByteDance accuses against Facebook shortly before Microsoft announced negotiations to buy TikTok US interests.



ByteDance accuses Facebook

When ByteDance is talking about plagiarism they may be referring to competitive program. Specifically, the company maybe referencing Facebook’s new service called Instagram Reels. This platform allows a user to post short videos with music playing in the back ground. While at the original program is without doubts Facebook attempt to copy TikTok. As for ByteDance accuses of Facebook character smears the most likely source comes from statements made Facebook’s CEO. Specifically, a statement  that said Facebook is “a proudly American company”.

ByteDance could interpret this as the installments against them. However, there is no evidence suggests that the comment was directly aimed at them. Additionally, it’s unclear if these accusations are in any way connected to the potential sale of TikTok to Microsoft. Specifically, Microsoft is looking to purchase controlling interest of the company in the United States. Indeed, present Trump has given Microsoft a set amount of time to complete the purchase or he will ban it. The reason for this is growing concern that TikTok and by extension ByteDance collects user data illegally. Then send that data back to China where it could be exploited by the Chinese communist government. What connection this has to ByteDance accuses Facebook of plagiarism is unclear but the timing seems to perfect.

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