“Cake Boss” star Buddy Valastro reveals He may never bake again after hand injury.

Buddy Valastro hand injury :

Seems like Buddy Valastro’s hand injury has become a hurdle in his baking career. Buddy Valastro got a hand injury while restarting the pinsetter machine in October. Valastro was enjoying some family time bowling session. When this unfortunate incident took place. The metal rod of the machine is said to be speared on his Hand several times.
me. It’s been more than a month now since his hand injury. Buddy said to be recuperating well.

Can Buddy Valastro bake ever again:

Buddy Valastro is like a brand image for the show “cake shop”. Since his injury viewers are waiting for his comeback.  Seems like it is not happening anytime soon. In a recent chat with Entertainment Tonight, Valastro reveals that he might not be able to bake again.

Even after having two surgeries. His dominant hand will need some time to heal. Even after all this hardship, Valastro is trying to stay positive.

How is Valastro trying to stay positive?:

Even Buddy Valastro’s hand injury is not getting any better. Valastro told ET that he is trying to stay positive.  He is seeing the glass half full rather than empty.

As his dominant hand is injured, the probability of him coming back to show and baking again is rather less. Staying positive at times like this definitely needs lots of self-reflection. Having a supportive family by his side has added a lot more support to him.

What is “Cake Boss”:

Buddy valastro hand injury
Buddy Valastro hand injury
  • cake boss is an American cable television series.
  • Airs on TLC.
  • The show  features Carlo’s  bakeshop and how day to day life goes on in a bakery
  • Going strong since 2009
  • Having 10 seasons.
  • Buddy Valastro and his family help in the business making mesmerizing cakes.
  • The cake boss started garnering attention for their beautiful and themed cakes.
  •  This kind of cake has become popular since then.


  • Buddy Valastro got injured during a bowling game while restarting the pinsetter machine.
  • As his dominant hand got injured and after two surgeries it will definitely take some time to heal.
  • Although Buddy can’t bake anytime soon he is staying positive with all his family and fans support
  • We can only wish a fast recovery to buddy Valastro hand injury and expect him in the kitchen as soon as possible.
  • If not baking he can instruct and be in a chef role once again