Google Antitrust Lawsuit : Apple, GroupM Ask for tough Protection for Data

Google Antitrust Lawsuit:

Tech giants like Apple, Group M, ask for tough protection for data, in the light of increasing security breaches. The US justice department sued Google with Antitrust Lawsuit. The companies feel that Google search collecting sensitive data will misuse it for leveraging itself against competitors. The public is eagerly waiting for the outcome of this case.

Google Antitrust Lawsuit
Google Antitrust Lawsuit

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How it will work:

The US court will have to prove that Google is using unfair means to dominate. Only then the court can take any action. This case is almost comparable to the one faced by Microsoft many years back. The judge appointed is an Indian Amit Mehta.

Why Google Antitrust Lawsuit:

The US court explained that Google’s monopoly over search engine gives it great economic power. This power and sensitive data can be misused by the tech giant. Also, there can be a security breach of the data. Hence the Us court decided to file a lawsuit against Google.

Apple, Group M, etc  are  competition :

Apple inc is a multinational tech company in California. Whereas Group M is an international advertising giant.  Tech giants like Apple, GroupM are tough competitors to Google. This fact should be taken into consideration while proceeding with the lawsuit. The chance for the unfair competition should not be given to them as well.

meanwhile, Pubg in India :

As per the unofficial sources, PUBG Mobile India by Krafton Inc. and Microsoft Azure are likely to release today (20th November). Because of the rising tensions of Corona, between China and the world, there was a ban on all things Chinese, including PUBG. An official PUBG Mobile India site has also been set up following the relaxation of rules.

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