Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is the number of greenhouse gases primarily carbon dioxide, produced by human activity, released in the atmosphere. A carbon footprint is not a small term. It raises concern on a broad scale. It measured the activity and action performed by an individual, a group, an organisation, or even an entire nation all at once. Carbon footprint is like leaving a trace of your footprint about how much carbon you emitted. 


What is the carbon footprint


The kind of lifestyle we live, it’s inevitable to stop carbon footprint. But, applying a few rules to the lifestyle, following proper guidelines, we can somehow reduce our share of carbon emission to the atmosphere. Carbon footprints include gases like carbon dioxide (mostly emitted by humans), methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases. These gases, when coming together, trap the heat in the atmosphere, the main reason behind global warming. 

What are greenhouse gas and its effect

A greenhouse gas is a term that used widely, in the dictionary of the environment. These gases trap the heat in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are not a bad thing. Without these gases, the earth would end up into a cold planet. The gases are carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, water vapour, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons. Then again, too much of anything will end up in becoming harmful.

How to calculate it

There are numerous ways where an individual can calculate carbon footprints. A person should consider various factors while trying to reduce their part of carbon emission and to perform the task in hand. Before calculating, consider these points in mind, like how frequent you travel or how many miles you travel through plane, car, bus, bike, etc. The energy you used at home, how much you spend while shopping, and also, the composition of your diet, like what you eat and what you don’t.

How to reduce it from the atmosphere

Once you know the method of calculation, you will know how and where you can minimise your share of carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Driving or air-travelling consists of a higher chance of emitting carbon footprint in the atmosphere. A year without a car could help reduce the level up to 2.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and that is huge. You can use a bus, public transport, ride a bike or order a cab, as per your convenience. But looking at more realistic ways, we can’t just drop using a car for a year, in short, it is easy to say than to do it in reality. 

What You Can Do On Your Part: 

Following a few rules, you will eventually become a pro at reducing carbon emission.

Your Vehicle:

Consider these points if you’re thinking of driving or riding:

· Do you remember the advertisement on television, where a boy told his father that he wanted to open a cycle repair shop because the way people were wasting petrol, there will be no more for them in the future. What I am trying to imply here is, when you’re stuck in the traffic jam or waiting for the signal to turn into green, switch off your car or your vehicle for the time being. 

· Make sure that you give proper servicing to your vehicle, it not only will run smoothly but also won’t create a problem for the atmosphere.

· Use a carpooling or a bike pooling method. If it’s possible, then do it. It’s hassle-free as well as eco-friendly.

Your Diet:

It needs a will power to cut on your favourite foods if it’s not benefitting the environment. According to various scientists cutting down red meat from your diet will help reduce carbon footprint. The reason behind this, production of the red meat requires a lot to feed, water as well as land. If you still cannot help it, then you can try meat, that scientists are preparing in the labs or switch towards chicken, it will show the difference. Besides, vegan is said to be the perfect diet for everyone. Consuming too much of anything will eventually harm the environment. Also, eating locally grown vegetables or locally available meat help reduce carbon emission then importing the exotic veggie from another place. Also, buy only those things which you can consume because buying in excess will lead to wastage in the end. Don’t hoard things, buy-in limited quantity so that others can get it as well.  

At Home: 

There are several appliances that we own which leave a drastic impact on the atmosphere. Be its cooling and heating devices as well as other appliances at home. For work or other use try to use a laptop instead of a desktop, it not only free-up the space but also reduce the use of electricity. Replace LED with bulbs or CFL. Try to use energy-efficient appliances which don’t harm the environment, look after energy star symbol before considering buying appliance/s.


Climate Change and the Carbon Footprint

Climate change is real whether, believe it or not. Human activities impacted drastically for years. It’s never too late to play your part as a smart and responsible citizen on earth. If you think that you alone are not enough to make the environment efficient, then talk to your family, friends, colleagues or people on social media. Take a baby step. A change can never happen overnight. It takes time, and someone has to start from scratch to reach a bigger audience. 

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